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Home Projects With a Spiral Binding Machine

Spiral bound books, unlike traditionally bound books, have the ability to lie flat on a surface. The pages of a book with a spiral binding stay open and do not flutter and turn when laid flat. This makes spiral binding well-suited for home projects. It is simple, quick and perfect for producing a co

Children's Books About African-American Traditions

Oral traditions encapsulate and nurture African-American culture. Passed down from generation to generation, these traditions remain rich with history. Through the use of narrative, music and art, children's books about African-American traditions keep history and heritage alive. They...

Coretta Scott King Book Awards and the African-American Winners

One of the important annual children's book awards is the Coretta Scott King Book Awards, which honor African American authors and African American illustrators. Here you'll find information about the Awards, the current winners and the winners and Honor Books for previous years.

Discover The Joy Of Story-Telling

Families, friends and strangers gather around a campfire that creates a circle of light and warmth in a darkening world. Moon and stars glimmer in the blackened sky. Crickets and tree frogs bring the shadows ...

How to Cite a PhD in MLA Format

A university student working on his doctorate, will typically write a dissertation that he must present and defend before a committee to earn his PhD. Many times a scholarly publisher will acquire a PhD candidate's dissertation and publish it in expanded form. If the dissertation is published or unp

"Looking for a Copywriting Career?"

Are you cut out for a copywriting career? It may look glamorous and with lots of perks, but that is mainly for the big shots in the industry. However, a copywriting career can be interesting ...

Asset Safety - Bankruptcy

There is no limit on downline recruits. New consultants earn a four% override from their downline members. Key commence up steps are: (1) Show your crew how to sell and near (two) Exhibit your group ...

Making Homemade Journals for Kids

Now your child can record her memories for a lifetime with a journal. Let her creativity run wild with fun ideas on how to make a special diary. Join her by making one yourself and record your loving memories of her as she grows up because you'll want to hold on to those precious thoughts forever, t

About Teepees

The word "teepee" comes from the Lakota language, and translates both as "they dwell" and "house." Upon first encountering these dwellings, Spanish explorer Don Juan de Onate proclaimed that they were 'built as skillfully as any house in Italy.' And although they may not be a common sight in the 21s

How to Find a Device PID

A device PID, which stands for Personal ID, is needed if you use the Mobipocket Reader on your portable reading device. You can recognize the PID as being a 10-character ID, which includes numbers, symbols and capital letters. A PID is unique to each device, as it identifies that specific device. In

How to Collect Old Currency

Collecting old currency can be an interesting and even profitable hobby. Learning about the art and importance of currency in its rich historical context also adds appeal to the hobby. By developing your skills in the study of currencies, you will be participating in a hobby loved by people all ove

Creative Writing Activities for Adults

The alarm blares to wake you up, reminding you of your to-do list. Get dressed, make breakfast, take the kids to school, go to work, come home, make dinner, get the kids to bed before falling asleep yourself. Where in there was your scheduled writing time? If writing is your therapy or your passion,

Where To Find Urdu Poetry

If you understand what Urdu poetry is then you may want to know where to find it so that you can read it on a regular basis.There are really only a few places that you can find it for the purpose of reading it.Your library, the Internet and your family.

How To Tackle Xbox Game Safety Issues

More and more people than ever can bear in mind video clip video games as little ones. Every new technology performs a lot more online games, and also the video games are getting more and ...

Why Websites Need SEO Copywriters

In the competitive world of search engines, web designers are not the ones who will make a website get noticed. It is ultimately the job of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Copywriters that will make a ...

How to Create Personalized Story Books

Children like to feel like they are a part of any story they read but get especially excited when they hear their own name in the story. Receiving a personalized book is like finding gold for many children, yet they are pretty easy to make. All a person needs is a good story and some simple illustra

Mondo Marvel

A photo gallery of the 2008 Emerald City Comic Con.