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How to Block Specific Calls on Your Cell Phone

Blocking numbers on your cell phone can be somewhat tricky. Some cell phone service providers have an option to block specific numbers but other carriers do not. If your carrier does not offer the ability to block incoming calls from certain numbers, then you can save the number as a contact and ass

'The Tourist' DVD

About The Tourist on DVD. The Tourist DVD profile, including The Tourist DVD release date selected special features and more about the The Tourist DVD.

How to Hook My iMac G5 to My TV?

The Apple iMac G5 series was the last model of iMac to be produced with a PowerPC-based processor before Apple switched to the Intel architecture in 2006. All iMac G5 computers feature an integrated mini-VGA connector, which allows you to connect the computer to an external video source, such as a m

How to Hide Cameras & Microphones in Smoke Detectors

In this day and age, keeping an eye on things while you're not around can be imperative to you and your loved-ones safety. All too often, things such as child and elder abuse or adultery or theft can happen in your own home without you even knowing it, and until recently, you could be left in the da

How to Use My Music as Ringtones on My RAZR 2

The RAZR 2 is a cell phone that is manufactured by Motorola, and it is simply an improvement upon Motorola's original RAZR phone. As the original did, the RAZR 2 offers you the ability to add your own ringtone to the cell phone. The manner in which you do so, though, depends upon your cell phone car

How to Make ATV Mudding Video Clips

Documenting with video clips is a fairly new way of saving your sporting memories. Making video clips of your ATV mudding allows you to show your peers your extreme activity. Creating clips doesn't require buying a new, expensive camera, which you wouldn't want to use filming outdoors in the mud any

How to Troubleshoot Phone Systems

Home phone systems seldom experience breakdowns, but when they do it is necessary to test each component to pinpoint the problem. Your home phone system is made up of the phone line coming from the telephone company, the network interface device that connects the service line outside your home to yo

Catastrophe administration with panache

Many people would've encounter a blank display, garbled phrases showing on incorrect lines as well as a totally blank black or blue display sooner or later of time on their computer systems.

Atlona AT-LINE-EX Video Switcher and Scaler - Box Dual View

The Atlona AT-LINE-EX is an affordable video switcher/scaler that can be used to connect up to six video input sources (2 analog, 2 PC, 2 HDMI) and pass through or upscale those sources via HDMI to an HDTV. The AT-LINE-EX features 480p, 720p, 1080i, 1080p scaling, NTSC/PAL bi-directional conversion,

How to Obtain Cell Phone Records for Free

You might want to obtain your cell phone records for any number of reasons. Perhaps for tax purposes or to find out why your bill is so high. Maybe you work a job where you're reimbursed for work-related phone calls. Fortunately there are several ways you can obtain these records and it won't cost y

How to Use BB Instant Messenger

BlackBerry Messenger is an instant message program designed specifically for communication between BlackBerry devices. Users can chat in real time through a text interface. There is no charge to use BlackBerry Messenger, and all messages are sent and received for free. To use the service, one needs

Specifications for a FujiFilm FinePix F47D

The FujiFilm F47D has a macro lens that can be used for close-up photography of plants and insects.DIGITAL CAMERA image by Brian Wright from Fotolia.comReleased in July 2007, the FujiFilm Finepix F47D is a compact digital camera designed for the amateur or hobbyist. The camera has...

Mintek Portable DVD Instructions

The Mintek portable DVD player is a device that operates exactly as it sounds -- it's a DVD player with a built-in monitor that lets you watch standard DVDs on-the-go. Packaged with both an AC adapter and a rechargeable lithium-ion battery, the Mintek DVD player gives you options as to exactly how o

Purpose of Tensile Test

Effectiveness and quality of materials used in manufacturing play a crucial role in bringing about marketplace success. Tensile tests help determine the effectiveness and behavior of a material when a stretching force acts on it. These tests are done under optimum temperature and pressure conditions