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How to file for Divorce in Alabama when both parties consent

This article will give you an idea of the steps you will need to take to file for divorce in Alabama if you both agree on all the terms of the divorce. This is not legal advice and you should always consult an attorney if you have any questions or need assistance with a divorce. The law is complicat

Divorce Lawyer Characteristics - 5 Traits to Consider

Finding the right divorce attorney with characteristics that are a good fit for your case can be an overwhelming task, but it does not have to be.When a marriage dissolves, there are many complex legal issues that often require specific legal expertise in the field of family law such as child custod

Is a Collaborative Divorce Right For You?

Typically, divorces in the media are portrayed as drawn out and dramatic courtroom affairs. However, there is no impetus for divorcing spouses to behave this way. If both parties can agree that the marriage must be dissolved, yet are still able to work together to make decisions, collaborative divor

Family Law Update: Queen's Park Tries To Toughen Things Up

In response to public outrage about a few unusual incidents related to cases before the Family Courts, the Ontario Government has passed the Family Statute Amendment Act. It came into force on March 1, 2010 and it makes three changes to Ontario Family Law.

How to Fire Your Divorce Lawyer

Divorce cases are complex and emotional experiences. You may decide in your own divorce case to fire your divorce lawyer, but there are certain considerations that you need to keep in mind. These considerations are designed to ensure that your interests are protected.

How to Serve Divorce Papers in the Newspaper

Pursuing a divorce case requires you to obtain what is known as service of the summons and petition on your spouse. Summons and petition commonly are referred to as "divorce papers." Following the filing of a petition, the standard course is for the sheriff's office to serve the summons and petition

Keeping The Knot Tied

Marriage is a two-way process involving husband and wife. It entails a binding commitment to each other and requires loyalty and friendship as well between couples. It is a lifelong bond of intimacy, love, and fidelity made sacred in Holy matrimony. The idea of making one work is made possible by th

Legal Marital Rights of Property Owned

Marriages are considered partnerships between equals; thus the value of the property acquired by a married couple, during the course of a marriage, will generally be equally divided between divorcing spouses. Where property cannot be sold or where a party desires continued possession, there can be a

The Legal Enforceability of a Cohabitation Contract or Agreement

Sometimes an important question which arises with cohabitation contracts is if they should take over the secular or functional equivalent of a traditional marriage to separate the issues involved in marriage.This is because a cohabitation contract often has all of the necessary elements of the tradi

How to Get Old Divorce Papers

There are many reasons to request old divorce papers. In some cases, if you are divorced, you may have misplaced the original decree and may need to request a copy if re-marrying. In other cases, you may want a copy of an ancestor's divorce decree for genealogical purposes. Although the exact proces

Child Custody Law Overview

The field of family law governs all types of interactions within the family. One area of family law that may be important to many is child custody. Child custody determines the rights of both parents to not only visit with children, but also make important decisions in the child's life. Many pe

The Legal Definition of Mental Cruelty in a Texas Divorce

Texas law on divorce is different than the law in numerous other states. Many states are now no-fault divorce states. Texas has no-fault and fault-based grounds available to the divorce petitioner. A no-fault divorce is one in which both parties agree that neither is at fault and that reconciliation

Divorce and Family Law Attorneys

Hiring a lawyer for a family situation or divorce is a very tough situation. Divorces are difficult for all that are involved but you shouldn't make the situation more difficult by hiring an attorney who is not qualified to handle your needs. Statistically, nearly half of all marriages will end

How Do I Get a Divorce in Michigan Without Minor Children?

Michigan is a no-fault divorce state, you do not have to prove any particular reason for your divorce. It is enough to state that you and your spouse no longer get along and wish to end the marriage. You are eligible to file for divorce if you or your spouse have lived in Michigan for at least six m

Indiana Laws About Legal Separation

Indiana's legal separation laws allow couples to separate before filing for divorce.ring image by Jens Klingebiel from Fotolia.comUnlike a divorce, a legal separation does not end the marriage and is not permanent. However, a legal separation allows the court to arrange issues such as...

No-Fault Divorce Advantages

No-fault divorce laws do not require showing that a spouse has committed misconduct. The court must only find that the relationship is not viable and irreconcilable, according to Cornell University Law School. No-fault divorce has various advantages for both spouses. Some are related...

Long Lasting Marriages

Marriage counselors and sociologists have known for years that there are actually several reliable indicators which can predict whether the marriage of two people is likely to be long-lasting or not. This article will discuss the most important of these indicators.

Cheap Ways to File for a Divorce in Ohio

Obtaining a divorce in Ohio is generally an expensive process. The legal fees alone in a contested divorce can easily reach into the thousands of dollars. On top of these, the court costs and specialist fees can push the price tag into the five-digit range. There are ways of decreasing...

Free Divorce Records - How You Can See Them Too

In terms of marriage, there is a pretty good chance that the married couples may well feel that the marriage time is the most wonderful and the happiest time in their life. Yet, in terms of divorce, chances are the married couples will feel very sad to get separated from the one they have loved for

Issues You May Face During a Divorce

If your headed for divorce court and you've got anything worth protecting, hire a lawyer. Divorce can be a complex matter requiring expert legal guidance in order to stay clear of permanent and devastating pitfalls. Those that represent themselves, a.k.a. "pro se litigants", often fin