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How to Make a Mouthstick

Your pediatric patient needs a mouth stick and you don't want to wait for the shipment to come in before starting treatment or you'd like to try using a mouth stick with your patient before writing a justification and requesting a prescription from the doctor. In this article, I will show

Radial Nerve Injuries

There are three main nerves that travel from your neck and down your arm. If any of these nerves gets compressed, or pinched, it can cause you a variety of problems, including sensory or motor loss. One of these nerves is called the radial nerve, and compression or injury to this tissue can result i

Powering Power Wheelchairs

The choice of right battery for your wheelchair greatly depends upon the type of your equipment and the usage of the chair. If it is for a long ride, your battery may let you down if it is not adequately powered and you will be left stranded. So, the right choice is of paramount importance to active

Importance of Ergonomic Assessment at Workstations

Occupational therapist is the person who is health professional and well trained person. They analyze the client in daily routine work to help individually with various of problem. They help their pat

Traumatic Brain Injury and Its Aftereffects

Whenever you hit your head or simply suffer from painful head movements like whiplash, you can develop a traumatic brain injury. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention estimate that 52,000 people die each year ...

Stair Lifts: A Helping Hand On The Stairs

Walking to the top of the stairs and back down is something that can be difficult for people with arthritis and neuromuscular diseases. Learn how stair lifts can help in this article.

All Wound Up:ADHD

Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder or ADHD is a common behavioral disorder that does not only just affect children. People of all ages are afflicted and ADHD is a serious public health problem. Hey, just ask ...

Using Contact Lenses to Enhance Your Personality

The use of contacts has helped many people deal with a range of eye-related issues. Those with nearsightedness or farsightedness, and even those suffering from astigmatism have benefitted a great deal from contacts. The primary ...

Folding Ramps

The world is not flat everywhere. The nature has taken its own sweet time to craft it and we, the humans, followed the same route. The elevated places are trouble-free to reach by ourselves; but ...

Accessibility 101

Accessibility is the degree to which a product, device, service, or environment is available to as many people as possible. Accessibility can be viewed as the €ability to access€ and benefit from some system or ...

Personality Changes Following a Brain Injury

Personality changes can include many things.Most of these changes will be based on deficits resulting from brain injuries.They will contribute to associated behaviors and these behaviors will contribute to the changes in a personality.Becoming 'stuck' on a notion such as the 'dog with

Orthotics Shoes- A Comfortable Shoe for your leg

Feet is considered as the most important part in our body that carries the weight of the entire weight of our body and helps to maintain balance while standing. Therefore a slightest problem in the fe

Hearing Aid Costs - Buying Online - Suggestions

This article considers the several hearing aid types, hearing aids costs and for whom they may be most appropriate. It looks at the best hearing aids costs and recommends where to start searching in order to obtain the best hearing aids prices.

Body Fat Scales & Analyzers for Diabetes

Apart from a good medical and health insurance, any adult who crosses the age of 35 should invest in: € Blood pressure monitor € Blood sugar monitor € Weighing scales € B.f scales € A ...

Buying A Used Transport Wheelchair To Save Money

Buying a used transport wheelchair can save you a lot of money if you can find one. There are certain components you want to check to ensure quality unless you want to invest a lot of money into it.

Types of Adaptive Equipment for Autos

People with a wide variety of disabilities may require adaptive equipment to drive a car. Fortunately, manufacturers of adaptive equipment make a wide range of items that make driving a car possible despite physical impairments that in years past would have kept someone from getting...