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Marijuana Laws in Michigan

There are quite a few criminal laws on the books in Michigan that deal with Marijuana. This article will go over these laws and identify the maximum incarceration time and fines a person can face for these criminal charges. This article will also cover and explain the 7411 deferral program that is a

Types of Forgery

Forgery, according to North Carolina Wesleyan College law professor Mark Stevens, is the "false making or material alteration of a writing" that appears to defraud or deceive and fits the legal definition of being effective in doing so. Under this definition, then, altering a driver's license or sta

Is a DUI Or DWI a Felony Or Misdemeanor?

DUI offense is considered misdemeanor for the first conviction. However, the first conviction can also be considered as felony of the crime is severe. Check out below information to know whether DUI c

What Happens After A DUI Arrest?

This article will help give information to people who have been arrested for a DUI offense, especially those who are first time offenders. At the same time, the article helps give light what a DUI Attorney's task is in such cases.

How to Perform a Driving Record Background Check

Driving records are quite often a part of background checks for employment particularly for a position that requires you to drive (e.g. a bus driver). Driving records can have a great impact on the am

Can I Clear My Federal Criminal Record?

When you have a criminal record, it limits your ability to find a job and a place to live. If you are limited by your record, you can seek to have charges and convictions expunged, which means that those charges are removed from your record. However, if your record contains convictions in the fede

Finding a DUI Lawyer to Help Your Loved One

No matter how challenging it is to need to bail your son or daughter or partner out regularly for various problems associated with alcoholic beverages, you will probably continue doing it. A few serious issues ...

Childbirth Law Questions

A variety of legal issues are associated with childbirth that directly affect the rights of the mother and her unborn child. While laws vary by state, a number of commonly asked questions address these laws and how they are designed to provide legal protection for all involved.

DWI defenseand DUI and DWI FAQs

DUI or the driving under influence and DWI (driving while intoxicated) are serious offences depending on the jurisdiction or state you belong in the US, as DWI is considered to be much more serious th

How to Get Your Arrest Record Cleared

Clearing your arrest record is referred to as expungement. Expunging your criminal record is very important as a clear criminal record can help you get a job, rent an apartment or obtain credit. Expunging your criminal record is not the same as having an entirely clear criminal record as previous ar

How Do I Collect a Bad Check From a Renter?

As a landlord you occasionally may encounter a renter that does not honor his lease agreements. For example, you may face the prospect of a renter that writes a bad check to you. In each state in the U.S. there is a procedure established by law that sets forth how you can collect a bad check from a

DWI in the State of Texas

The state of Texas is tough on crime, and DWI charges are treated no differently than other crimes. If you want to have the best chances of beating your DWI charges, a DWI attorney can help.

What Should You Pay For a Good DUI Attorney

Everyone thinks that DUI attorneys are expensive. And, the truth is, they kind of are. If you need a DUI attorney [] one of two things have happened, you've been stopped after drinking a little ...

What is Bail?

What is Bail? What you need to know before posting bail, the pitfalls and financial risks of posting bail, and where to obtain financing of a bail bond.