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How to Cancel a Buyer's or Seller's Agreement

There are four main ways to cancel a buyer or seller's agreement. One is to find a legal loophole that will allow you to rescind the agreement. The second way is to wait for the other party to breach the agreement and use the breach to justify terminating it. The third way is to unilaterally refuse

Estoppel Certificates in Real Estate Leases

If you're a landlord or lessor as well as a tenant, or an individual representing landlords as well as tenants, then you certainly are most likely accustomed to estoppel certs. Although estoppel certs are generally ...

How to Sue in Civil Court

There is more than one type of court in which to sue a person or business. One of these is civil court, which is where you take a person to court in a non-criminal case. A lawsuit is a lot of work, and there are things which you must consider before you even file. Once filed, a civil lawsuit can be

How to Sue for an Unpaid Personal Loan

There are many reasons why personal loans are considered risky. Since these tend to be loans made between people and not institutions, often the borrower feels a bit less pressure when it comes to paying it back. This could be because, unlike with a bank or the Internal Revenue Service, they are not

How to Sue a Telemarketer

Do you need to sue a telemarketer trying to scam you? Telemarketers can sure get irritating, especially since they call your phone again and again. Sometimes telemarketers call cell phones and, even worse, scam unsuspecting customers. Most people get nervous at the very thought of suing a telemarket

Construction Contract Strategy

Strategizing how to go about closing a construction contract with a vendor tends to follow many of the same principles as regular contracting. However, there are some significant differences in approach that should be followed to protect financial interest in the related project. Otherwise, ambiguit

Does a Verbal Agreement Hold Up in Court?

While contracts for certain transactions need to be in writing, the majority of verbal agreements between two parties can be enforced in court. However, the success of the enforcement depends upon whether or not you can substantiate the unwritten agreement.

How Long Until I Get Served If I Am Being Sued in Small Claims Court?

A small claims court is a type of civil court in which cases are tried in a short timeframe and are usually decided by a judge rather than a jury. Each state has different laws governing small claims courts, but usually the plaintiff, or the person bringing the suit, cannot ask for more than $5,000


If you have been watching a lot of cable television lately, you have certainly heard a lot of talk about "homeowner irresponsibility". Many have opined that they should not bear the burden of having to ...

How to Calculate Liquidated Damages

If you have suffered monetary damages as the result of another party's breach of contract, you may be entitled to liquidated damages if a clause providing for them was included in the contract. Liquidated damages are monetary compensation for a breach of contract. According to Melone and Karnes, "th

The History of Class-Action Lawsuits

A class-action lawsuit refers to a suit in which a group brings litigation against a single defendant. The term "class action" is an American phrase, but the idea of a collective suit dates back to the Middle Ages in Europe.

How to Write a Car Contract

When you make a decision to buy a new car, it's reasonable to expect that you will want to sell your older vehicle. This may prove necessary in order to have a down payment on your new vehicle or to provide for future car payments. While it can be assumed that a used car is sold "as is", it's still

What Are the Causes of Action in Bad Faith in a Contract?

Under common law, and most states' legislation, all contracts must be executed in good faith. However, evidence of bad faith in the execution of a contract does not always constitute a cause of action. Furthermore, those states that do recognize a bad faith cause of action can radically differ in th

How Union Budget 2012 can State the Economy

The union budget 2012 can act in both ways. It can be a relief for the traders and at the same time it may prove to be an encumbrance in certain cases. For Inter-continental traders, ...

Can I Get a Mortgage With a Civil Lawsuit Pending?

Mortgage lenders rely on underwriting analysis to determine a loan's risk level before issuing loan approval or rejection. The most commonly understood eligibility standards deal with the applicant's income, assets and credit, as these factors directly affect the borrower's ability and likelihood of

Hiring a Chapter 13 Attorney Greenville

If anyone is filing for the bankruptcy it is always best to consult the Chapter 13 Attorney Greenville. So what is Chapter 13 bankruptcy is all about? A Chapter 13 bankruptcy is a reorganization of ...

Parts of a Construction Contract

A construction contract is a legal agreement between two parties detailing a construction project one party hired the other party to complete. Construction contracts are used for simple work such as a minor remodel job or construction of a deck. They are also used for complex projects...