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Is It Smart to Clean My PC Registry On My Own?

It is smart to clean your PC registry on your own if you know the basic facts about computer window registry. The facts you need to know are: What a registry is, Signs of registry failure, Methods of fixing registry errors, Best cleaning software. WHAT A REGISTRY IS: A registry is a storing device,


Define kruler - from the Linux / Unix / Computing glossary at

Benefits of Using HIPAA Compliant Medical Billing Software

A HIPAA compliant medical billing software application is beneficial since it ensures your HIPAA compliance, the patient privacy, data security, and reduces a lot of overhead. The HIPAA compliant medical billing software available in the market makes sure that the medical billing process is as per t

Dodge And Burn Your Images The Smart Way In Elements 8

Dodging and Burning are terms used more so in photography. It is not exclusive or new to any image editing software. In actual fact it hails from the traditional darkroom. Basically, Dodging was performed by shading an area of the print from exposure for a time resulting in that area being lighter o

How to Save Word 2007 With a Doc Registry

Microsoft Word 2007 is word processing software that is included as part of the Office 2007 program suite. In a departure from previous versions of Microsoft Word, this iteration saves all files with the .docx file extension by default. While this is a diverse file type, some users may notice that c

How to Turn Off Bumptop

BumpTop is a computer program that simulates a real-life desktop in place of your normal Windows or Macintosh desktop. It organizes applications, open web pages and social media tools like Twitter and Facebook into groups. Turning off BumpTop restores the computer's default desktop and moves applica

How to Create Letterhead Paper on Your Computer

Creating your own stationery saves money. Letterhead makes your communications look professional and cohesive, whether in printed form or on electronic documents. A simple letterhead design involving text only can be created in minutes using Microsoft Word on your computer. More complicated designs

Microsoft Live Basics

Microsoft Windows Live Essentials is a suite of programs and web applications that allow you to communicate, create and share content across multiple platforms. These tools include Windows Live Messenger, Live Hotmail, Writer, Photo Gallery, Movie Maker, Family Safety and even a Toolbar that makes i

New Trends in Customer Relationship Management

Customer relationship management is also known as CRM and it deals with the way companies and organizations treat their customers and their personal information. This includes how companies handle phone numbers, addresses, email addresses, as well as how they store them, and even analyze them. Few p

How to Set Up AOL Email in Microsoft Outlook 2010

You can set up your AOL email account in your Microsoft Outlook 2010 for sending/receiving emails. To make sure that you do not face Microsoft Outlook problems during the procedure, we have brought you this free Microsoft Outlook 2010 support guide.

How to Create Macro Buttons in Excel 2007

When you create a macro in Excel 2007, one of the first choices you have to make is whether to activate the macro with a keyboard command or a button. Although you must choose only one, you can revisit an existing macro that you've assigned a button to and give it a keyboard command, or assign a but

Dynamics GP Development: Trends and Technologies

Mid-market Corporate ERP applications, such as Microsoft Dynamics GP, often also referred by its historical name Great Plains, should have reasonable openness to custom programming projects. GP offers such tools as Dexterity, Extender, VBA in ...

Problems in Printing Checks in QuickBooks Pro 2008

Once in a while there will be difficulties in printing checks from the QuickBooks Pro 2008 software. These problems can occur on any version, or year of QuickBooks. The problems range from the simple to the more complex.

How to Buy a Motherboard With an AGP Slot

The motherboard is the center of your computer system--the hardware component all of the other pieces need to directly interact with. Motherboards come with different types of slots that hold various expansion cards. An accelerated graphics port (AGP) slot is for adding on graphics cards. If you wan