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In "DFO" ("Dungeon Fighter Online") How Do I Put Skills in the F1 Key

"Dungeon Fighter" is an online multiplayer game that you play right from your browser. In it, you can join other users to defeat monsters and conquer dungeons. You can also choose to fight other users in the arena. If you want to quickly access the skills you have in the game, you can do so by using

How to Re-Install Windows Live OneCare

Windows Live OneCare is a program that is manufactured by Microsoft Inc. It provides security and protection from viruses and spyware. If you have an active subscription, you may reinstall the software without re-registering the software. Performing a re-install of this software is simple and this g

How to Create an Acronis Boot Disk

An Acronis boot disk is a disk which contains a bootable image along with the other files for Acronis Disk Director. This will allow you to load your computer into a non-native operating system (such as DOS) for the purpose of troubleshooting your machine with the tools present in the Acronis progra

How to Monitor CPU Temp From Windows

The Windows operating system does not have a native utility available to monitor your CPU temperature. If your computer seems to be overheating, or you overclocked your CPU, you can monitor the CPU temperature with free software. Speedfan allows you to monitor the temperature along with other hard

How to Fix Windows Genuine Advantage

Microsoft created the Windows Genuine Advantage program to fight piracy of its operating systems. To run Windows update and other important features of your version of Windows, you must first verify that you have legally obtained your copy of Windows. When you request an update from Microsoft online

How to Run Older Games in Virtual PC 2007

Some games are not compatible with the latest generation of Windows operating systems. Windows operating systems, starting with Windows XP, include a compatibility mode that tricks older software and games into thinking they are running on older versions of Windows. However that system is not perfec

How to Install a Microphone on a PC With XP

A microphone connected to your Windows XP system lets you not only record audio on your computer's hard drive or other removable media, but also communicate with individuals via the Internet using a voice chat application like Yahoo Messenger or Windows Live. Microphones, like other devices on your

How Do I Finalize a DVD+R?

Finalizing the burning session of a DVD+R "closes" the disc. This step ensures that all of the data you've attempted to burn onto the disc has transferred to the disc properly, and that no other burning program (including your computer's operating system) will be able to alter the disc later. Finali

How to Remove PPC Web Spy

So you've downloaded and installed the PPC Web Spy software because it was free, and you wanted to know all of the best Google Adwords to increase ad clicks. But now your Internet browsing is slowing down or you didn't find the software useful. You try to uninstall it only to find out it won't unins

How to Uninstall Programs in Windows XP

If there are unwanted programs on your Windows XP based computer, simply going to Program Files and deleting the folder does not always completely remove the program and all its components. Software comes with uninstall features, and it is best to go that route if you wish to free up space and speed

How to Use Knoppix to Fix Windows

Using Knoppix (or any Linux distribution) to troubleshoot and repair Windows is a great way to leave the current OS installation untouched and in place while it's being worked on. There are dozens of "Live Linux" programs that you can burn to a DVD or a flash drive to help you troubleshoot and save

How to Put VLK on XP Home

If you own a pre-manufactured (store-bought) personal computer, you most likely are operating a copy of Windows that is an OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) version. OEM Windows operating systems are exclusively installed on the PC with which they were manufactured. Copies of Windows known as VL

How to Avoid Old Windows Opening on Restart

Some people browse the same folders on their computers nearly every time they use them. For example, a photographer might have a folder filled with digital photos that he or she opens and organizes every day. For this reason, Windows contains a feature that automatically reopens old Windows Explorer

How to Remove Pinnacle Quickstart From Vista

Pinnacle Studio QuickStart is a reduced-feature version of Pinnacle Studio, a utility for video capture and editing that is included with certain computer video capture devices. If you have decided to use a different video editing program, or have sold your video capture device and no longer need vi

How to Troubleshoot Windows XP Dial-up

Windows XP supports dial-up Internet connections. During a dial-up Internet connection, your computer's modem calls your Internet service provider on a phone line and establishes a connection. Your Internet service provider's server transmits data from the Internet to your computer's modem over the

How Do I Stop the Blue Screen of Death in Windows Vista?

The "Blue Screen of Death" (BSOD) is a term referring to the dark blue error screen that is shown in Windows whenever a serious enough error occurs that it results in an unexpected reboot of the computer. If you are experiencing this problem, you can try a few things to get rid of it and return your

98 Upgrade Requirements

Windows 98 is an operating system developed and released by Microsoft in 1998 as a successor to its massively popular Windows 95 operating system. In order to upgrade your computer from Windows 95 to 98, your computer will need to meet a number of requirements in order for the operating...

Instructions for Uninstalling & Reinstalling Windows XP

The Windows XP operating system can be both uninstalled and reinstalled on your PC using the XP CD. All versions of Windows XP, including Professional, Home, and Media Center Edition, can be removed and reinstalled following the same set of instructions. Any files that you want to keep should be sav

How to Bypass Access Denied Network Folder XP Home

An error message denying you user access to the network folder on your Windows XP computer can be a frustrating experience. You can resolve this issue by resetting the file permissions and security settings on your computer system, restoring your permissions to default.

Disk Cleanup Options

"Cleaning your hard drive" should not be taken literally.Chris Stein/Digital Vision/Getty ImagesProlonged use on any computer leads to inevitable slowdown and shrinking disk space. Your system has to look harder for places to save information, and in many cases when it retrieves...