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What Kind of Graphics Card for PC DVD?

People most commonly use computers to run applications and surf the Internet, but PCs can also serve as entertainment devices. If you have a DVD-ROM drive in your computer, you can play DVD movies on your computer just as you would on a television set. Your system must have the right...

What Is an Mcshield.Exe Error?

It can be immensely frustrating to get the same computer error repeatedly without knowing what is causing the problem. Any time you see an error code that references ".exe," you know should look for a problem with an executable file. This application file triggers an action. In other words

How to Repair Physical Damage to a Non-Data DVD and CD

When a non-data CD or DVD receives damage (such as a scratch or nick) it can cause it to not run properly on your computer or DVD player. Depending on the severity of the damage, you may be able to return the disc to working order. But if the scratch is deep, or if you have damaged the label side of

My Yahoo! Messenger Has No Audio

Yahoo! Messenger relies on sound for many of its features to perform as intended. PC-to-PC and PC-to-phone calls require working speakers or a headset. Custom ring tones, sound effects and voice mail are useless without sound. If your Yahoo! Messenger has no sound, the problem is caused either by th

How to Use Programs Located on External Drives

External hard drives or thumb drives provide excellent storage solutions for many computer users. Rather than upgrading an internal hard drive or buying a new computer, users can store bulky applications, photos and movies on an external hard drive and keep the computer working more quickly. Using t

Vinyl to CD Programs

Use vinyl to CD programs to digitize LPs.Vinyl macro image by Pinkerator from Fotolia.comVinyl to CD programs allow you to copy your vinyl records onto the computer as digital files. You can then use the program to burn the digital recording onto a blank recordable audio CD. After you...

Computers and Communication…

There have been many new breakthroughs in communication s recently, we are unfolding new ideas and new and faster ways in communication. Fiber optic technology is probably the next major wave in technology. Fiber optic ...

What Is a Sublimation Printer?

The dye sublimation printer once enjoyed a more popular status before the photo ink jet printer took over the color printing market in the late 1990s. Some photo printing experts still favor the sublimation printer over the ink jet, claiming the print quality is higher quality than the quality of in

How to Determine the Maximum Disk Size of an IDE RAID Controller

RAID controllers allow for the combination of several disks into one array. This array appears to the operating system as a single disk. Due to the large capacities of hard drives, combining several of these disks into an array may actually breach the addressing limitations of the RAID controller it

How to Use a USB Flash Drive

Flash memory has revolutionized data storage. Floppy disks were fragile and didn't hold enough. Zip Drives were too expensive and bulky. CD and DVD-ROMs took too long to burn and were awkward to carry around. USB flash drives solved all of these problems by being compact, easy-to-use, and reliable f

What Does 18 MIO Not Ready Mean on a HP Printer?

Errors on your printer, while frustrating, are fixable. On HP printers, the message "18 MIO Not Ready" indicates the printer is not connected to a network, or that you need to check a certain card.

How to Install an Antec 650-Watt Power Supply Into a Gateway

An Antec 650-watt power supply is the unit that converts power from your wall to your Gateway personal computer. Your power supply connects to the AC adapter and uses that power for your various devices and drives. Installing an Antec 650-watt power supply into your Gateway computer can be accomplis

How to Remove the Space Bar From a MacBook

On a standard desktop computer keyboard, the keys pop on and off by simply pulling with your fingers. Laptop keys are another story. Notebook keys are thinner and more delicate, which saves space on the laptop, but proves problematic when you need to replace a damaged key. If you want to remove the

Sell Laptop Online

Being techno-savvy is the order of the day; we need to keep upgrading our gadgets and gizmos more frequently now as ever before. Every now and then, we hear about the upturning of software and ...

Guidelines to Buy the Best Tablet Pc in UK

There are various modest tablets frequently publicized on the Web, and such low stickers are there on purpose. Ordinarily, you will discover that low tablets fail to offer the CPU force, memory, screen show quality, ...

How to Replace HP 74 Cartridges With HP 74XL

The next time your HP 74 ink cartridge runs low, consider replacing it with a high-volume HP 74XL ink cartridge. Hewlett-Packard (HP) 74XL ink cartridges work in the same printers as HP 74 ink cartridges, but print approximately 550 more pages per cartridge. As of 2010, the HP website charges $19.99

What Is System Error 5?

System Error 5 problems may occur on a Windows computer when you attempt to use "NetView or "Net Time" commands and your system is unable to access the required files and information from the network. This can happen for a number of reasons.