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How to Draw Farm Animals Online

Farm animals are the goats, sheep, cows, chickens and other animals that help produce the agricultural products on which civilization depends. Farmers use the labor of these animals to plant and harvest crops. They also extract or produce milk, wool, and eggs from the animals. Such work depends on a

How to Make Paint Spatter With an Airbrush

Airbrush painting can create various beautiful effects. It is difficult, however, to produce something as simple as splatters with an airbrush gun because it sprays so delicately and smoothly. With some movement tricks, you can easily splatter paint onto a canvas with an airbrush gun.

MegaMan NT Warrior

Just who is MegaMan? Only the most incredible A.I. this side of the Cyber Network! Get all the details on Viz's latest action-packed anime release, MegaMan NT Warrior.

How to Remove Acrylic Stains

You've used an acrylic stain on your fence, furniture or deck. Over time it has become faded and is showing signs of lifting and peeling. In addition, you've decided that you want to change the color. So how can you go about removing an acrylic stain? By following a few steps, you can strip your woo

City of Art in Action - Sacramento, CA

I first launched my artistic career in New Zealand in 1976 after I abandoned formal art training and opted to learn the craft of painting landscapes by direct action -- capturing the beauty of the ...

How to Combine Oil Paints With Linseed Oil

Linseed stand oil is the most frequently used painting medium for diluting oil paints. Painting mediums are used to make painting and spreading oil paints easier. They also hold and carry the color and simplify the blending of colors. Linseed oil and turpentine are the two ingredients used to make p

How to Draw a Large Flying Dragon

Flying dragons are often used in illustrating children's books and fantasy comic book stories. Flying dragon illustrations can be drawn for party invitations, for fun or for the perfect gift for a friend who enjoys fantasy artwork. Drawing a large flying dragon may be challenging for a beginning art

How to Paint Concrete to Look Like Granite

Concrete in general is a very versatile surface. For that reason, any number of processes can be applied to it, including painting it to look like granite. The protective coating of a faux-granite finish can extend the lifetime of your concrete surface, as well as improve its visual appearance.

What Kind of Spray Paint to Use on Counters

The expanses of countertop that fill a kitchen or bath make an immediately visual statement, making any change to this dominant surface likely a noticeable one. If you have long tired of your current countertop, yet lack the funds necessary to replace these surfaces, you don’t simply have to l

The Easy Guide To Picture Framing

Pictures are often considered to be an incredible form of expression and memory which not only capture specific moments and events, but also specific emotions and time frames that create an incredible presence and amount ...

After Effects and Illustrator - Let's Paint

After Effects paint tools are similar to Photoshop and Illustrator but in some very real ways they are quite peculiar to After Effects. For one thing, as you paint and create objects, you are at the same time creating a potential animation because simply creating objects with your paint tools offers

Please Teacher!

Just who is Kei Kusanagi? And what's his deal with his teacher? In honor of the upcoming DVD release from Bandai Entertainment, I thought you might like a closer look.

How to Make Your Own Pipe Organ

Pipe organs are a wonderful addition to any concert space, worship hall or private space for performance or practice purposes. Installing a pipe organ does, however, require a sizable amount of planning and preparation. While certain elements of pipe organs are standardized, the majority of the inst

2009 San Diego Comic-Con – Comic-Con Banner

The famous San Diego Comic-Con logo hangs in the atrium at San Diego Comic-Con International 2009. See photos of highlights from 2009 San Diego Comic-Con International at San Diego Convention Center, California, including the crowds of fans, manga artists, cool booths, creative cosplay, special gues

How to Draw a Star Wars Stormtrooper

The "Star Wars" stormtrooper is an easy subject to draw because, if you look closely, you'll see that it's constructed of basic clunky, geometric shapes. You can use these geometric shapes as the basic building blocks of a drawing, then add additional detail to bring the shape together as a whole. Y