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What Are the Benefits of Juvenile Probation?

The juvenile justice system tends to prefer the least restrictive sentencing alternative. Probation is preferred over incarceration or detention when reasonably possible because of the benefits of such a sentence. This requires balancing the type of sentence most likely to rehabilitate a juvenile wi

Child Support & Bankruptcy Laws

Child support cannot be discharged in a bankruptcy case.child image by Renata Osinska from Fotolia.comWhen an individual is behind on bill payments and sees no way to catch up on these payments in the near future, he might consider filing for bankruptcy. In both chapter 7 and chapter 13...

How Domestic Violence Allegations Can Affect Child Custody

It is indisputable that many lives across the country are torn apart by domestic violence. Domestic violence has a terrible and lasting impact on every life it touches, whether the affected person is a witness or victim of the abuse. In the past, domestic violence often was treated as a private matt

Child Custody Laws of North Carolina for Unmarried Parents

The main focus of most child support cases is the child's welfare.enfant sur le dos image by photlook from Fotolia.comUnmarried parents in North Carolina have the same custody rights as married parents. Support for children born outside of marriage cannot be enforced until paternity has...

How to Petition the Courts for Custody of a Grandchild

Sadly, some children live in an unsafe, unhealthy and/or unstable environment. If this describes your grandchild's home, it could be in the child's best interest for you, as the grandparent, to seek legal custody. The only way to acquire legal custody rights is to petition the court. However, the cu

What Is an Evidentiary Hearing for Child Custody?

An evidentiary hearing for child custody can be a frightening and intimidating event. A state agency has entered the home of a family, alleging abuse or neglect of the child or children. At issue is where the child will live after the judge makes a decision regarding legal custody. The judge takes i

Child Support and Inheritance Laws

Developing a program for the financial support of a child in a divorce, custody or paternity case is a priority issue. The laws in all states have undergone revisions in the past three decades to provide different avenues through which current and past-due child support is collected.Chil

How to File for Child Custody in Hanover County, Virginia

In Virginia custody of the children is often a problematic issue for divorcing couples.Virginia requires any filings be made at the General District Court no matter where you live in the state. Filing for custody in Hanover County, Virginia takes place at the General District Court in Hanover, Virgi

How to Help Your Juvenile Delinquent

Juvenile delinquents need parents who are loving, yet hold them responsible for their actions. Getting your child into counseling is the best way to deal with the problem.

In New Jersey, Is the Custodial Parent Responsible for Clothing a Child?

While there are often differing requirements for custodial and noncustodial parents established by the judge or the parties in a custody agreement, basic necessities generally exist that both parents are required to provide for their children. In New Jersey, the law does not specifically state that

How to Expunge Records in New York

A defendant accused of a crime he was aquitted of can keep getting slapped in the face by that crime if the conviction appears on his background check. Fortunately, New York has specific guidelines to expunge or erase records of someone who was acquitted of a crime as well as laws that went in effec

Religious Rights for Children in Child Custody Cases in North Carolina

In North Carolina, a child's religion can be taken into account during custody disputes.child image by Vaida from Fotolia.comChild custody cases are court cases that try to determine the rights and responsibilities that a parent or guardian should have regarding a child's welfare,...

How to Get Temporary Custody

A number of reasons can lead an adult to apply for temporary custody of a minor child. Often this occurs when parents separate or file for divorce. Other times relatives or family friends may attempt to get temporary custody to remove the child from an abusive, neglectful or dangerous home situati

How to File for Custody of Children Prior to Divorce

If you are planning to divorce and will not prepare a separation agreement or cannot agree on a custody arrangement with your spouse, you will need to file a temporary custody petition with the court. After you file your petition, you will present your case to a judge, who will decide how to divide

Child Custody Laws for a Father

When courts consider the custody of a minor child, the best interests of the child always prevail. However, there are guaranteed rights--both together and individually--for the mother and father of every child. No other person, including the mother of the child, has the authority to...

Modifications to Child Visitation Arrangements

If you have gotten divorced and have children, you know how strenuous and extremely time consuming those child custody proceedings can be. You're struggling back and forth with your ex for custody and visitation rights. Since it is up to the court to decide the health and well-being of your chi

Texas Child Support Laws for the Father

daugter and father walking in long alley image by .shock from Fotolia.comIn Texas, both parents are equally responsible for the care of their children, with the non-custodial parent (usually the father) being held accountable by law to make regular court-ordered child support payments. ...

Tennessee Child Custody Laws for Unmarried Parents

Child custody is an important issue when unmarried parents end their relationship.mother and child image by NiDerLander from Fotolia.comIt is much more common today for couples to have children without getting married. Unfortunately, these relationships sometimes come to an end and...

How to Research Juvenile Delinquents

Juvenile delinquency is a phrase which is used to describe young people who commit crimes or deviant acts. Researching juvenile delinquency can be a challenging task, but having a focus can make the research more manageable. You will need to decide if you want to do general research with an interna

The Role of Paternity in Child Support Cases

When a child is born to an unmarried couple, or when the paternity of a child is in question, it's important for all necessary steps to be conducted efficiently in order to settle the often complex issues of who is responsible for supporting the child. A Voluntary Declaration of Paternity is id