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Stroke -- preventative surgeries

Preventive carotid artery surgery can reduce stroke risk by half in people with narrowing of the arteries but no symptoms.

Ways to Stick to Your Exercise Plan During the Winter

Being cold outside isn't an excuse to slack off on exercising during the winter months. These helpful ways to get exercise during this time will help you to maintain your cholesterol-lowering exercise plan during the colder months of the year.

Weight Loss 101: Weight Loss Rewards

This article includes suggestions for non-food rewards from top nutrition experts. It features tips from Dr. Janet Brill, Janet Brill, Rosanne Rust, and Jessica Butcher.

No Cholesterol Diets

The only diet without any dietary cholesterol at all is a vegan diet. A vegan diets consists only of plant sources, meaning that no animal products like meat, poultry, fish, eggs, dairy products, gelatin and other animal byproducts are consumed. A vegan diet is rich in fruits, vegetables, grains, le

Environmental Toxins Linked to Parkinson's

Exposure to certain chemicals found in pesticides and herbicides may increase the risk of Parkinson's disease in people with a family history of the disease, according to a new study.

Senate OKs Stem Cell Research Bill

The Senate voted to greatly expand federally funded embryonic stem cell research, even as lawmakers prepared for President Bush to quickly veto the measure.

Foods & Products to Stimulate the Appetite

Losing your appetite can be a serious problem, especially for the elderly or people with a debilitating illness such as cancer or depression. Good nutrition is an important aspect of growth and healing. The causes of loss of appetite vary between individuals. For example, an elderly person may have

Study: Less Parkinson's in Smokers

A study of families with Parkinson's disease shows that smoking and caffeine use may protect against the deadly brain disorder.

Stroke Survivors Do Better at Home

Patients are always anxious to get out of the hospital. Now there's a good reason why, at least for those who suffer a stroke.

How to Calculate BMR Rate

Basal metabolic rate, also known as BMR, is calculated while an individual is awake, about 12 hours after his or her last meal. The individual must be completely at rest. The purpose of a BMR calculation is to determine the required amount of energy to control an individual's vital organs. These org