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A car or automobile is something many of us take pride in. We drive it every day and are seen all around town it. A car or automobile provides us with both fun as well as transportation. That is why the things we equip our cars with are so important to us. We must feel comfortable in the automobile

Lexus Radio Removal Instructions

Toyota's luxury line of vehicles; Lexus, combines the Japanese automaker's track record of durability with elegance and premier styling. When performing maintenance or aftermarket upgrades, careful attention to the unique requirements of one of the finest brands on the market is in order. To remov

How to Replace the Radio Antenna in a 2005 Jeep Liberty

The antenna on your 2005 Jeep Liberty mounts to the passenger's side fender and is susceptible to damage from objects coming in contact with it. If damage to the base occurs, the base and cable are replaceable. If the mast is the problem spot, it can also be replaced. The entire job may take you an

Installing Car Subwoofers

Ohm, wattage, and polarity consistencyInstalling sub-woofers in your car can greatly enhance the music and bring a full, low sound to an otherwise tinny system, but it must be done correctly. If your head unit or amp puts out 8 ohms, install speakers made to handle 8 ohms. If you bridge...

Buick Lesabre 2002 Keyless Entry Programming Instructions

Equipped with keyless entry capabilities, the 2002 Buick Lesabre allows you to access the vehicle's ignition, door locks, trunk and panic alarm from as far away as a couple hundred feet. You can program your vehicle's keyless system with your keyless entry remotes in just minutes from your vehicle.

Removing Car Stereos

Removing a stereo radio to replace it with another is either a necessity due to a malfunction in the previous radio or a desire for an upgrade. When replacing a radio with another, the dimensions, power, modes and compatibility should be considered so the radio delivers to your...

Drive-In Theaters Or Driving Theaters? Today's On-Board Vehicle Entertainment

There was a time when a static-filled sound box and a bag of greasy drive-in popcorn had to suffice for vehicle theater entertainment. Today's vehicle manufacturers have taken the theater experience of yesteryear and brought it into the 21st century with a virtual in-car entertainment system.

Car Stereo - Tips You Should Know to Install This Essential Car Supply!

New generation is quite addicted towards songs and other related stuff to it. And to fulfill their desire of loud and good quality music they often tend to spend thousands of dollars. Good quality audio systems are of very good quality and for sure their price is also quite high as compare to common

First Drive: 154kw Citroen Ds3 Racing

So could perhaps be the real truth that bumpy streets make the suspension chop and fidget in the way in which the Peugeot-Citroen engineers utilized to become so good at avoiding.

Compare Mobile Prices In India

India is one of the largest markets for any product, and if it is a mobile phone, it"s like icing on the cake. Mobile phones have a consolidate market in India, but their prices keep fluctuating. That is why it is very important for one to know the current price of the mobile phones in order to

How to Program a Keyless Entry Remote for a Honda Civic

One of the best selling cars manufactured by Honda, the Civic, features a number of the line's most popular technologies and capabilities. Among these features is the keyless entry remote system, which can be purchased standard or added as an aftermarket option. You can program and reprogram your re

Some Simple Things About The Film Industry

At the beginning there were only a few actors. It was the time when the film industry had just started. Gradually it became popular as a source of Entertainment. Now a days it has evolved into one of the main sources of Entertainment. So the film industry not only generates Money, but also provides

How to Hook Up an Amp on a 2007 Tundra With a Stock Head Unit

An amplifier will add power and clarity to any car stereo system. Owners of the 2007 Toyota Tundra can add an aftermarket stereo to the stock AM/FM stereo deck in order to create a powerful, custom stereo sound system. Space inside the Tundra is limited, however. Mount the amplifier under a seat to

How do I Install a 50-Watt Car Amp?

A low-wattage amp, such as a 50-watt amp, is designed for usage on smaller speakers. A good example of a speaker it would be used on is a tweeter. While this amp may not be able to make your music heard miles away, it will make for great sounding mid- and high-range notes. The installation of a 50-w

Installing Subwoofer Amps Without Crossover

A crossover is a device that regulates the signal from the stereo and routes the appropriate signal level to the correct speaker or groups of speakers. Lower tones of music, including bass, are best handled by larger speakers and subwoofers. Car stereo enthusiasts who wish to add subwoofer amplifier

What Is a Hypertech Programmer?

If you own a General Motors brand car and you want to tweak the engine to produce more power and have more efficient gas mileage, using a Hypertech programming tool can help. These utilities allow owners of certain makes and models of autos to modify the operating parameters of their engine's contro

How to Program the 2005 Pontiac Key FOB

Domestic automakers usually include instructions with your owner's manual about how to program your key fob. Pontiac does include programing instructions for the Aztek, Vibe, and Montana, but not for the Bonneville, G6, Grand Am, Grand Prix, Montana SV6 or Sunfire models. These models require you to