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How to Get a Tax ID Certificate in Pennsylvania

A state tax ID number is necessary for doing business in Pennsylvania. This number is used to pay a variety of business taxes in the state, such as sales, corporation, employer withholding and use taxes. Obtain a tax ID certificate by completing form PA-100.

Social Security Tax Questions & Answers

Social Security is a government-run social insurance program in the United States that provides income to retired workers and citizens with qualified disabilities preventing them from work. Social Security is funded through an income and payroll tax imposed upon the workforce and...

Tax Debt Relief Offered by IRS

There are different faces that you should know about when it comes to taxing debt relief. Each of the solutions varies depending on the financial status of the individual, the debt amount, and other factors.

Tax Relief - On Home Sale

When Sally and John got married, they both had a house of their own. Living together they felt no need of keeping two houses, as they were in two states and it was difficult to manage both homes. They decided to sell one of the properties and it did fetch an amount which was more than their expectat

Who Issued the First Tax Rebate?

In an economic downturn, the most common solution of late has been to offer a tax rebate. Many people believe that the former President George W. Bush created the tax rebate. In fact, he was not the issuer of the first tax rebate. The politician just borrowed the device from another presidential col

1031 Exchange Tax Deferred Benefits Are Hard to Ignore

Section 1031 of the Internal Revenue Code contains arguably one of the most powerful provisions of the tax code for real estate investors the 1031 tax exchange.Many highly successful real estate investors have used this tax code provision in combination with aggressive pyramiding and upgrading strat

How to File Loss on Taxes

Although no one likes taking a loss, at tax time you can use your losses to your advantage. Capital losses, such as those you take from losing stock transactions, can be used to offset capital gains and ordinary income up to $3,000. Additional capital losses can be carried forward for use in future

Earnings From Abroad and Taxes

With the every expanding global economy, many people receive earnings from foreign entities. Unfortunately, the federal government wants you to pay taxes on it.

The Average Salary When Beginning in Acting

Acting is one of the oldest professions, dating back thousands of years. Through the centuries, actors -- also known as "players" -- typically have struggled to earn sufficient salaries, belonging to the proverbial company of starving artists. This is still true in 2011. Although some actors make it

What If You Don't Have Receipts for the IRS?

There are few things worse than receiving a notice in the mail to advise you that the IRS is reviewing your return. That letter could be made worse, however, if you don't have any receipts on hand to prove that you were eligible to claim the deduction. Fighting the IRS is never something a taxpayer

Online Tax Return Preparation Allows You to Offer Clients Specialized Services

While at first glance it seems like an unnecessary expense, online tax return preparation is becoming increasingly popular among CPA and accounting firms. Small and medium sized accounting firms that are able to offer a full range of accounting services to their clients can, of course, retain their

Tax Return Online Is An Efficient And Modern System To Pay Tax

As the financial year ends then all of you get worried about filing the tax return and everything becomes chaotic. So to avoid all theses you just do all preparation well in advance. This contemporary method is very efficient for all the tax payers to file their tax return online.

About Effective Tax Rates by Country

All countries have separate tax rates for corporations and individuals, plus some countries have various forms of consumption taxes, variously called VAT (value added tax) or sales taxes. Most nations also have property taxes and excise taxes, such as those imposed on alcohol and cigarettes. Accurat

How to Find a Reliable Free Online Tax Services

Reliability is what we are looking for from any company that we are dealing with. This is also true when we avail of services online. That is why it is important to find a reliable free online tax service online. You just need to spend some time searching in the internet so that you can find some th

What Is the Percentage Taken Out of Payrolls for the IRS?

An employer is required to take federal taxes out of an employee's paychecks and pay the taxes to the Internal Revenue Service. The employer is also required to pay his own portion of federal taxes. The employee's tax is based on a percentage of her taxable wages. The employer's tax is based on a pe

Risks of Tax-Free Municipal Bonds

Tax-free municipal bonds are bonds issued by state and local governments. The interest they pay to investors is exempt from federal income tax. The tax-free income can be very attractive to investors in high tax brackets. Individual investors should be aware of the risks involved when...