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House Underwater? Here are Mortgage Options

Some homeowners discover themselves in a scary position of having a home that is 'underwater'; what is one to do when they owe more on their home than it is currently worth? How does a homeowner even

What Is a Request for Notice of Default?

A borrower receives a "notice of default" when he falls behind on his mortgage payment, according to U.S. Legal. Parties with an interest in the property, such as a cosigner, have the right to request a copy of the notice of default.

Help for Low-Income Families in Massachusetts

There is help for low-income families in Massachusetts. There are many federal and state programs that can help with housing, heating, utilities, food and even cash on hand. These programs can provide help with the cost of daily living if you fit their criteria for income.

Tips on Obtaining Your Greater Hamilton Mortgage

Advice on Getting the Mortgage You Need Canadians who are looking to buy a home will generally require a mortgage to help them realize their dreams of home ownership. However, getting started on path to ...

Mortgage Rates Fall Could Help Sales

When rates for mortgage loans drop people usually come in a herd mentality to refinance. This time around could be the best ever some proclaim since the 1950's. Rates unheard of below the fives on a fixed rate are being locked.

Does Equity Play a Role in Refinancing a Home?

A conventional lender typically requires the borrower to have 20 percent equity in the property. Overtime, as the property owner continues to pay off the debt, the home’s equity increases. If property values drop, equity decreases. The amount of equity you have in your home is a significant fa

Mortgage Loan Modification Tips and Tricks

Mortgage loan modification is gaining rapid popularity among homeowners facing trouble in paying monthly mortgage installments. It is also the best way to prevent the foreclosure of your home and get

The Home Valuation Code of Conduct (HVCC)

The Home Valuation Code of Conduct (HVCC) is a set of practices that dictates how lenders can--and can't--order appraisals and interact with appraisers on certain home mortgages. The HVCC was intended to reduce appraisal fraud and ensure that appraisals are free from undue influence on the appraiser

Should you get a second mortgage?

At Butler Mortgage our priority is to provide you with the best options available to fulfill your mortgage needs. The Butler Mortgage Team shops hundreds of Canadian banks and lenders from the nationw

FHA Reverse Mortgage Cap Limits

A reverse mortgage is a home loan available to seniors age 62 or older that does not require any payment until the borrower dies, moves or sells the home. The Federal Housing Administration (FHA) insures more than 90 percent of all reverse mortgages. The FHA limits how much a senior can borrow for a

A Better Alternative to Conventional Mortgage Loan

If you are someone who plans to buy a new house but is not equipped with the necessary financial resources to bring such dream into reality, you definitely have a number of options that can ...

Music Tickets: Enjoy Rock Concert Live

There are many methods for getting Music Tickets to find out your preferred performer or even music group as a group, as a whole once they check out your neighborhood and even within a town across the

How to Get a Mortgage With a Poor Credit Rating

Securing a home mortgage for individuals with a poor credit rating (typically under 620) is not truly a realistic possibility. However, persons with a poor credit rating can take out a mortgage loan by first engaging in steps to rebuild their credit, paying down existing debt, saving for a down paym