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A Rent to Own Business Opportunity - Tough Times Take Different Thinking

In this economy we are experiencing tough times and it has a major impact across the whole of society.With the stock market up and down and the price of gas affecting everyone it may be a good time to look at things differently.One of those thoughts would be to look at the rent to own industry.

The State And Economic Development

There are many economic ideas about the intensity of involvement of state in the economic development of the countries of the world. Its true that the state's involvement in the economic development is essential, but to what extent the state should involve is the question.

The Conscience Of A Restorationist, XI

Have confidence. With a free nation, you (and those around you) will have the opportunity to truly make the nation and the world better. Even if you are not a person for whom owning a business would be a good idea, for instance, you will still be vastly better off if you live in a nation where the o

Inequality of USA Economics

To basically some this article up, it part of research paper that discusses the issues with the United State Social Security. It also talks about whether or not the trust fund will run out.

Why Iceland Voted "No" to Repay Icesaves Debt to Holland, and the UK?

The difference in what ordinary people think is right, and their governments can often create a paradox. This was the case when ordinary Icelanders voted a firm "No" to paying the cost themselves, of the huge four billion euro debt left by Icesave- a private bank based in Iceland. Why did

World Trade Organization - An End to Trade Discrimination!

The World Trade Organization, founded in the year 1995, is the only global organization which deals with the trade rules amid the nations. It was constituted under the Marrakech Agreement, restoring the General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade (GATT), which started in 1947.The agreements are signed by

Don't Be Too Quick to Judge the Government Bail Out

You might be for it or you might be against it, but it is important to understand why it is needed. If the government doesn't bail out these financial institutions, the economy is going to continue to drop.

In My Experience - Unprecedented

The events of 2009 have been unprecedented. Our country has experienced more difficulty than most of us have experienced in our lifetime. Did we learn anything?

Doomsday For the American Economy Because of Greedy Banks?

Are we at the bottom of this economic crisis or are banks conspiring to keep us from recovery? Well, I have a 50% chance of being right and a 50% chance of being wrong on the foreclosure front but I believe we have a longer way to go down in the real estate arena before we start our recovery-15 to 2

Mexico's Growing Pains

Everyone has heard the joke that says, "Our economy is so bad that truckloads of Americans are being caught sneaking into Mexico." Well laugh if you must but the fact of the matter is there are already very sizable numbers of both Americans as well as Canadians dwelling in Mexico. These nu

Burgling The Future

Paul Volcker and Richard Ravitch have some smart things to say about government finance. Unfortunately, they have no power to do anything but talk.

Can Japan Assassinate The Yen?

Are Japanese Prime Minister Abe's "three arrows" aimed at bringing down his nation's currency? And if so, could they succeed?

Raise Your Recession IQ - What You Need to Know About the Crisis

Unless you have been living in a rock for the past year, for sure you have heard about the current economic recession that is being experienced by some of the major countries in the world. Most likely, the majority of what you know about the recession came from the media. The problem with the media

Understanding What Happens During a Recession

During these tough economic times it is important to understand what happens during a recession in a country or the world. Before we are able to understand the happenings, we first have to establish what a recession means.

The Economy is Tough And You Are Tougher Than You Think!

Times are tough in 2009, and they are going to get tougher. The question is, do you realize how tough you already are? Your ability to handle tough times often comes down to remembering how many of them you've already made it through. Here's a gentle reminder.

Inflation Verses Deflation - What Does it Really Mean?

How many articles have been written over the last year and a half talking about the prospects of inflation or deflation? I'm sure someone can find out, but I doubt I'd be wrong to say thousands. I've read quite a few, and a lot of them have been very technical in nature, which only co