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Locating Sites That Offers Free Blog Themes

Well, in the modern age, there are actually a lot that we can see and read and with the rapid growth of technology and progress I think that we are all living in what our grandparents have dreamed for us. So, with the evolution of the internet, the blogs have shown up like they are mushrooms on a fi

7 Excellent Tips to Create a Good Quality Blog

Blog provides you an online platform where you can express your opinion on any subject. It can be a personal blog about you and your family members, or a business blog. Today, millions of bloggers are posting articles everyday. So, your blog is just like a small shop in the high way side. To make it

Autoblogged Review: How to Profit from Autoblogging

Autoblogging really does offer a lot of opportunities for an individual to make good money online working from home. BUT, it is not all that it seems and it does take some work to be successful. As wi

How to Make Money Writing Blogs From Home

Want to make money writing from home? You can do it. Hundreds of thousands of writers are creating blogs; some are even turning those blogs into a business.

Increasing Your Blog Traffic by Producing Content Articles

As you are an internet user, you will no doubt understand how fun, interesting and educational it is to read a blog - you may even own and update a blog yourself - but if you have no traffic to your blog then you might as well be writing to yourself.Where do you find the content to write the informa

What Script Does WordPress Use to Ping?

Notifying update services about new posts on your blog, also known as "pinging," is a great way to get free exposure and let the world know what you're saying online. There are several of these services available on the Internet, and WordPress allows administrators to define which ones they want to

Why Blogging is Important to Your Business

There are 112 million blogs indexed with 120,000 new blogs each day!Blogging is an opportunity to reach out to the masses, yet make it personal. It builds credibility about you and your brand and positions you as a thinker, leader and a resource. Your thoughts will become a direct link to increased

Tumblr Video Upload Size Limit

When uploading video to Tumblr, you must work with a handful of limitations. The site has limits on how large a video file can be, how long it can be and which video formats are supported. You can create a video post by either uploading or embedding a video.

Tips For Hooking Your Readers With Your Blog Title

This article describes what it takes for a title to hook the attention of those reading your blog.It is simply about basic advertising and promotion; by promoting your content through the title.It is easy to understand and employ.

Work At Home Entrepreneurs - Profiting From Micro-Blogging

If you are one of those people who work at home then this article will get you thinking. There is a new kid in the block called micro-blogging. These are social networking sites where users can send short messages to people following them. Unlike blogging where you have to come up with a full articl

Earn Money From a Blog - How Profitable is This Niche?

All you need is a personal computer, and internet connection to earn you extra cash over the internet. This is what most people nowadays up to - the internet world is becoming more bigger and wider. You can start from blogging where you can write your own thoughts, opinions and ideas.

Personal Thoughts on Blogging

Blogging seems to be the pastime of all webmasters. But are they doing it for love or for those search engine optimisation results?

A Quick Guide To Successful Blog Commenting For SEO

Blog commenting can often be seen as a spammy way of building links to your website. This is actually pretty true for many people, but if you actually comment on blogs correctly, this can be a fantastic source of one way links from very highly ranked sites.