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A Guide To Debt Management Solutions

Since the beginning of the recession there has been an increase in personal insolvency. As a consequence of the rise in personal insolvencies, there has also been a rising demand for debt management solutions.

Arrange Your Own Credit and Debt Counseling - Keep Uncle Sam Out of It!

If you've been thinking about filing for bankruptcy you should consult a Phoenix debt counseling service first. Filing for Chapter 7 protection might sound like the answer to all your prayers but with the recent changes in the bankruptcy laws you could just be opening up an even bigger can of w

How Do I Get My Car Out of Forfeiture?

Getting your car out of forfeiture is possible, but it takes persistence and follow through. It is your responsibility to communicate with your lender. Without consistent communication, your lender will repossess your car. When talking with your lender, you have to have something to offer, such a

My Rights for Paying Back a Debt

Going into debt for a period of time can be part of a smart financial decision. Anyone who buys a home or car, or pays for college tuition, is likely to consider loans as a means of making a purchase that will pay off in the end. But once you owe someone money, it can be difficult to know your right

The New Bankruptcy Laws and Credit Card Solicitations

The biggest problem for debtors today is what to do with the mounting debt they have, especially credit card debt. Ever since the new bankruptcy laws have changed, credit card companies have become more aggressive than before in marketing to consumers.

Different Ways To File The Bankruptcy

A bankruptcy is the last option any businessman wants to take. They can cause a big dent on their credit rating and deeply ruin their reputation. But sometimes filing for bankruptcy is the only solution to get a person out of dire straits

Requirements to File Chapter 7 Bankruptcy

To file for Chapter 7 bankruptcy, you need a combination of the proper forms and the eligibility to qualify. Bankruptcy legislation requires you to demonstrate the financial need to file for Chapter 7, since you may receive a complete discharge of all your debts in as little as three months, with no

Can a Collection Agency Sue Me in Texas?

Texas residents enjoy some of the strongest consumer protection laws in the country. Although Texas places considerable limitations on how debt collectors can recover debt from Texas residents, the state does not prohibit collection agencies from seeking legal recourse for unpaid debt. A collection

Will Financial Aid Have Money Left Over to Pay My Other Bills?

Sometimes money may be left over from loans, scholarships and grants to help you pay for other expenses than tuition and fees. Whether any money will be left over and how much will depend on your personal circumstances, including the cost of your courses and amount of your aid.

How Can I Stop Car Repossession?

When a car buyer finances a vehicle, the vehicle itself is used to secure the loan. If the buyer misses payments, sometimes by being as little as a few weeks late on a single payment, the finance company may exercise its ability to repossess the vehicle. Although the repossession process seems highl

How To Recover From Bankruptcy In Half The Time

If you should pose the above mentioned question to a bankruptcy law expert or attorney bankruptcy law professional, the answers might surprise you. Mostly those who have not been successful to fend off, stave or avoid bankruptcy, are looking for quick fixes. Once they realize that the blemish will b

Bankruptcy Vs. Bankruptcy Protection

When your debts become overwhelming, you may find yourself forced to file for bankruptcy. However, although you may think that is what you are filing, it may actually only be bankruptcy protection. The terms "bankruptcy" and "bankruptcy protection" tend to be used interchangeably because the process

Programs to Clear Credit

The lure of fixing a bad credit score can be especially attractive when you start shopping for financing. If you have a low credit score, you will immediately find out that improving your score can save you a great deal of money. If you try to hire a credit repair company to help, you need to consid