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The Difference Between Car Engines & Jet Engines

Unlike piston-engines (internal combustion "car" engines), jets are generally only used in very specialized applications that require their particular blend of light weight and massive, sustained power.

Grade Crossing Information

A grade crossing, or level crossing, is where roads and railroad tracks intersect on the same level or grade. Usually, grade crossings are equipped with barriers or guards that close the road while a train passes.

How to Parallel Park an SUV

Parallel parking is a skill that doesn't come naturally. If you find it difficult to parallel park a compact car, then you're probably dreading trying to park a larger SUV. Although an SUV is larger and slightly more difficult to handle in tight situations, the same rules for parallel parking a comp

How to Go Over Speed Bumps at an Angle

Driving your vehicle over a speed bump at an angle is especially useful for vehicles that are low to the ground. Driving over the speed bump at angle allows your left or right tire to hit the speed bump first, and allows the body of the vehicle to be lifted up and, presumably, avoid contact with the

Differences Between Model Ts & Modern Cars Today

More than 100 years ago, the Model T revolutionized the motor vehicle world. Its original price tag was $850—but was later as low as $260 for a no-frills edition. There were nine different body styles of the Model T—all of which could be built on one chassis. The Model T was...

How to Troubleshoot the Automatic Transmission on a 1989 Toyota Celica GT

Problems with the automatic transmission (transaxle) on the 1989 Toyota Celica GT can occur in five different general areas. These are: hydraulic shifting, mechanical linkages, out of adjustment parts, electronic control problems and engine operation. Begin your troubleshooting of the automatic tra

Safe Driving Training

Most states offer year-round training to help licensed drivers of any age become safer behind the wheel.

What Is the Fastest Production Car in the World?

If you have more than a million dollars lying around, you can put your name on the waiting list for the Bugatti Veyron, the fastest production car, and one of the quickest from 0 to 60 miles per hour.

Specifications for the 2001 KTM EXC 400

The EXC 400 is an off-road bike that Austrian manufacturer KTM Sportmotorcycle. first produced in 2001. The EXC 400 was one of KTM's earliest four-stroke efforts; the 400cc enduro represents part of KTM's approach to fill 'niche' bike markets.

What is the Difference Between a Chevrolet LT and a Chevrolet LS?

Chevrolet has long used the designations "LT" and "LS" for identifying features in their cars and trucks. Beginning in the 1960s, they used both prefixes to identify engine models such as the LS-6 and LT-1 performance designation. In the 1970s, they began identifying trim packages in cars; for examp

How to Jump-Start a Car With a Battery Pack

You can never be too careful when it comes to preparing for a dead battery in your vehicle. A dead car battery will prevent you from starting the engine as well as operating any electrically powered components inside. Although keeping a pair of jumper cables in your vehicle is a helpful approach to

How to Not Hit the Curb While Parallel Parking

Good news: Mathemeticians have adapted the Pythagorean Theorem to explain the ins and outs of successful parallel parking. Turns out it's all geometry. Of course, Pythagoras never had to shoehorn a land yacht into a tight space while obstructing a lane of horn-blaring downtown drivers at rush hour.

How to Troubleshoot Jeep Wrangler Speakers

Chrysler's Jeep Wrangler vehicles can include media centers with AM/FM radio, satellite radio, HD radio, six-disc CD/DVD players and MP3 music player auxiliary jacks. The stereo outputs audio to built-in speakers you can control using the head unit in the center of the dash. Problems with the speake

6 Things That Draw Your Attention Away From the Road

When driving it's essential that all your attention remains on the road as situations change very quickly and dangers can develop from them. We have identified 6 things that draw your attention away from the ...

Driving in snow and icy conditions

With a new bout of cold weather heading for many parts of the UK and potentially bringing with it more ice and snow, it is essential to be well prepared when travelling even short distances. ...

How to Drain a Maytag Front Loader

Maytag front-load washers cannot be opened in the middle of a cycle, which is a feature that is designed to prevent you from spilling water onto the floor of your laundry room. If you would like to remove an item from the wash tub, or simply change the cycle in the middle of the wash cycle, you must

California DMV Accident Reporting

If you are involved in a car accident in California, accident reports (traffic accident report SR1) are often required and must be submitted to the California department of motor vehicles (DMV). However, there are some specifics, such as the law's distinction between accidents and collisions, that m

High Performance Engine Building Tips

High performance engines are hard to build, and care should be taken with them.engine image by Tomasz Pawlowski from Fotolia.comWhen building a high performance engine, whether you're doing it for a street car to show off or for a race car to win prizes, there are certain considerations...

Prevention of Motor Vehicle Accidents

Since the first motor vehicle accident fatality in 1896, traffic accidents have claimed over 3 million lives. It is impossible to avoid every danger on the road, but observing some of the following tactics can increase the chances of avoiding an accident.