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How to Line Satin Fabric

Satin has been in existence for centuries. Believed to have originated in China, satin is a fabric that is used in many different areas of the fabric world such as formal dresses, linens and curtains. Satin fabrics are made from many different fibers, but what makes it satin is the way that the fibe

How to Make Glass Pendants for Jewelry

Glass pendants can be used in a variety of compositions, such as necklaces or bracelets. Using the lampwork process, a method of shaping glass in the flame of a torch, you can make your own pieces and design them for jewelry by simply adding a hook. To achieve this, two of the most common methods ar

How to Identify Civil War Uniform Gold Cufflinks

Identifying authentic gold cufflinks from the Civil War is not difficult, but it can be time consuming. Gold cufflinks from the Civil War are rare items of interest. They were worn by high ranking officers and only at special occasions such as ceremonies and dinner parties. Soldiers seldom wore cuff

The Secret Level in Patch Plaza in "Kirby's Epic Yarn"

Within the Wii game "Kirby's Epic Yarn," you can unlock secret mini-games from the apartments in Quilty Square, the apartment complex in Patch Plaza. These games are unlocked by furnishing specific apartments with the decorations you find throughout the main levels of the game. Only partic

How to Preserve Fresh Flowers

Flowers are a big part of a lot of events; weddings, proms, birthdays and more. Sometimes one wants to save the flowers as a memory of their special day or the special moment when they were given to them. There are several ways to preserve flowers and you have to decide what method you want to try b

How to Make a Papier Mache Vejigante Mask

Vejigantes are part of the Puerto Rican culture. These comical characters appear in celebrations wearing masks and costumes with wings. They have been used to symbolize different things over the years, from the devil to a resistance to colonialism. The brightly colored Vejigante mask consists of a p

How to Make a Daniel in the Lion's Den Craft

This project lets the children enjoy making a craft that they can touch and feel. The lion's face will remind them that God protected Daniel from the lions even though it was a very dangerous situation. As the children do this craft, tell them that God protects them from danger just like He protecte

How to Make Magician's Capes for Kids

If you have a budding magician in the family, chances are he will want a costume for his performances. A magician's hat and cape are the essential ingredients. You can create a cape that your child will find magical by using a few basic materials such as fabric glue and a length of fabric in a drama

Fimo Clay Ideas

Fimo clay is hard when it is first removed from the packaging. To soften and condition the clay, break off 1/4 of the block and warm it in your hands, working it with your fingers until it becomes soft and pliable. Fimo easily picks up dirt and dust, so make sure your work surface is clean. Prevent

How to Make a Poinsettia Pen Holder

Poinsettias are an iconic winter holiday flower whose bright red color and lush, star-shaped petals also have year-round appeal. Though fresh poinsettias provide fleeting beauty, household art and objects shaped like poinsettias decorate without expiring or needing water. Create your own poinsettia-

Landscape Paintings Way Of Presenting Natural Beauty

India is mounted by fascinating natural beauty. The natural scenery of trees, flowers, forests, mountains, valleys, lakes, beaches or sun set has always been depicted in the Indian contemporary art and modern contemporary art. Enchanting natural beauty has always been a source of inspiration for Ind

How do you make natural soap

Have you ever wandered why everything now days is loaded with harsh chemicals? More importantly, have you discontinued to think about how these chemicals effect your family? Take time to remember the

How to Make Easy Homemade Christmas Crafts

Make homemade Christmas crafts to decorate your house or to give as gifts. While handmade items are sometimes difficult to create and require special tools or skills, basic crafts do not need to be complicated to impress guests or gift recipients. Use items you probably already have in your home to

Fun Things to Sew

You can easily sew lots of fun projects.sewing image by Greg Pickens from Fotolia.comSewing is a great way to make unique items to decorate your home and to give as gifts. Even if you've never sewn before, you can create beautiful, handcrafted items. The trick is to choose projects that...

How to Make Your Own Property Survey

Property surveys act as tools that allow homeowners, or prospective home buyers, to assess the condition of a property and determine if repairs are needed. The cost of repairing problems can be high, so it is imperative to conduct a survey prior to purchasing a property. Most lenders require that su

Mortise and Tenon

Use this joinery method for strong, long-lasting furniture. The mortise and tenon is one of the strongest joints in furniture construction.

How to Make Heat Transfer T-Shirts

Making your own T-shirts is a great way to create a design to match your personal style. Professional T-shirt printers may use a heat press to transfer designs onto a shirt. At home, you can use iron-on heat transfer appliqués to create your shirts. Appliqué options are available in a

How to Make Photo Pocket Frames

Pocket frames are similar to the plastic pages of a photo album. They are sheathes that protect the picture but have the added allure of being magnetic, so they stick to metal such as bulletin boards and appliances such as refrigerators. They contain no materials that will degenerate the pictures t