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Use an Image For Your iPad's Background

The iPad's background picture can be changed in the iPad's settings. You can also change the picture displayed on the lock screen that appears when you first wake your iPad up to use it.

How to Restart an iPod After Freezing

Just like rebooting your computer, restarting your iPod is one of the first and easiest troubleshooting steps you can take if the machine freezes or apps don't function correctly. Try simply turning the iPod off and then on again first, and move on to a full restart if that doesn't work. Also, do a

How to Play iPod Movies on TV

If have ample videos and movies on your iPod, you don't have confine them to the small iPod screen. If you are at home and would like to watch your iPod videos on your television, then you can connect the iPod to your television with a cheap audio video cable and quickly configure your iPod to strea

What Is a Baseband Chip?

Chips, also known as microchips or integrated circuits, refer to miniaturized electronic circuits that are used in virtually all electronic equipment, as of 2010. Microchips in mobile phones can serve as conduits for baseband transmissions.

What Are the Potential Uses of the Iphone?

Apple's iPhone is a line of multimedia enabled smartphones offered officially through AT&T service and utilizing the GSM telephony system. Currently in its fourth generation, the iPhone remains one of their most popular devices on the market, and has a vast array array of functions that...

How to Add More Memory to an iPhone

The iPhone, a smartphone manufactured by Apple, integrates a phone, email, iPod, camera, Internet browser and many other features. Currently the iPhone is available as an iPhone 3GS and iPhone 3G. The 3GS offers 16GB and 32GB of memory. The 3G is only available with 8GB memory. There are currently n

How to Add Music to an iPod From a Friend's Computer

With their vast storage capacity, anywhere from 500 to 40,000 songs, based on models available in January 2010, filling an iPod to capacity can be tricky. Unless, of course, you have a large CD collection, a lot of discretionary income to spend in the iTunes store or a friend that also has an iPod a

How to Not Get Scammed With iTunes Gift Card Code Auctions

ITunes gift cards for sale on popular auction sites entice buyers by offering a great deal. Many sellers can offer iTunes gift cards at a 10- to 50-percent discount. There are many gift card scams out there, and any deal that seems too good to be true probably is. It is actually recommended that you

How to Change the Registered Name on an iPod

The first time you set up your iPod with iTunes, you are given the option of customizing its name. If you skipped this step, or if you simply want to change the registered name to something else, you can do so with ease. Unfortunately, you cannot change the registered name using the iPod's Settings

History of the iPod Chromatic

The iPod Chromatic refers to the fourth and fifth generation iPod Nano. This smaller iPod comes in nine different "chromatic" colors and occupies the space between Apples iPod Shuffle and iPod Classic. The iPod Nano has seen two chromatic updates with the fourth generation iPod Nano and the fifth ge

Do I Need a Special SIM Card for an iPhone?

The iPhone on AT&T requires a SIM (Subscriber Identity Module) card, and some International iPhone carriers also make use of the the SIM card. While there is no SIM card designed specifically for the iPhone, not every SIM card will work in every iPhone. Determine exactly which SIM card will fit

How to Download Music to My T-Mobile Behold Cell Phone

Listening to music from a cell phone allows you to leapfrog the need to carry additional portable media players while traveling or trying to escape boredom in everyday situations. T-Mobile's Samsung Behold (SGH-T919) supports direct USB download from your personal computer, which enables you to save

How to Get Started on a Gen 2 iPod

Apple has produced many generations of the iPod. A 2nd generation iPod may or may not work well with your current computer, especially if you have the newest version of iTunes. You can fix this problem, however. After downloading iTunes and connecting your iPod, follow a few basic procedures to upda

How to Use CD Audio Books with an iPod

Audio books are recorded versions of popular books, both fiction and nonfiction. Typically these audio books are purchased in CD form, but they can also be purchased as a digital download from sites like or iTunes as well. If you want to use an audio book with your iPod, you'll need to f

How to Convert a Torrent Into My iPod

If you want to convert a torrent file into a format suitable for your iPod, first convert your torrents into iPod-friendly files, then transfer those files to your iPod using iTunes. Torrents themselves are simply small files that store information for downloading real media, like music and videos.

How to Convert SIMs

Today, certain mobile devices, such as the Apple iPad, use Micro-SIM cards, instead of the more common Mini-SIM cards. Mini-SIM cards are currently used in most cell phones. Although the cards have the same metal contacts on the back of them, the plastic part of Micro-SIM cards are smaller. Converti

How to Enter a Wireless Network Key on an iPod Touch

Your iPod Touch features the ability to connect to secured Wi-Fi networks. While connecting to an unsecured network on your iPod Touch simply requires you to select the network, connecting to a secured network will require you to enter the network key. You can enter this network key directly from th