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Anxiety Disorders In Women

Traditionally, it has been perceived that men are subject to more stresses because of the various responsibilities that they face, which includes being the provider of the family. However, in recent times, this perception has changed, as women are now considered to lead more stressful lives.This is

How to Conquer Your Child's Anxiety

Anxiety is a normal part of childhood and every child goes through a phase which is temporary and usually harmless. But, when a child is diagnosed with anxiety disorders, it can become chronic if left untreated.

Cure Panic Attacks - Easy Ways to Stop Anxiety

You may be looking for a way to cure panic attacks, and if that is true, then here are some easy ways to stop anxiety. If you follow these easy tips to overcoming stress and anxiety, you will feel better about yourself, as well as not be bothered by panic and stress anymore.

Stressed Out? Here Are 6 Natural Solutions

At the most basic level, stress is anything to disrupts your physical, mental, and emotional balance. It is unavoidable in everyday life. It can come from negative sources such as losing a job, the death of loved one, conflicts with co-workers. Or positive sources such as starting a new job or getti

Causes For Panic Attacks

Determining the exact causes for panic attacks can be quite difficult as anxiety and panic are natural reactions of human beings to unusual and uncomfortable situations. They become a serious problem when they start occurring frequently for no apparent reasons.

What is the Best Medication For Panic Attacks?

There are many different options for people who suffer from panic attacks. When the everyday stress just becomes too much, there are many different kinds of methods and medications to help you get back control of your body. Nobody likes to feel like they are helpless and you no longer have to with a

Long-Term Therapy For Panic and Anxiety Disorders

A person with any of the panic and anxiety disorders may find it difficult, if not impossible, to admit that they have a problem and so seek the help that they need. Yet if and when they do, or when a relative intervenes on their behalf, the treatment can be very successful.

The 2 Keys To Reducing Anxiety

To a great extent, you are the key to reducing anxiety. The things you do may decrease or exacerbate anxiety. This article discusses 2 of the most important ways of reducing anxiety that you can apply in you life.

Anxiety and Nightmares

Since childhood I have suffered from nightmares. At their worst, I can not describe how vivid and terrifying they have been. Far from "growing out of it" as some people suggested, they only intensified as I got older.

How to Fight Anxiety - Recognizing Obsession

Are you looking for a way to fight anxiety? You may not know it, but obsession might be one of the largest things holding you back! Read this article to find out how you can become aware of and eliminate this.

Big Anxiety, Small World

Reflections on how our connections to the world create more stress. How stress affects our mental health and how practicing yoga can help. Article includes a simple breathing exercise to clear space.

Panic Disorder Symptoms

It is safe to describe Anxiety disorder as the next stage of GAD because when you suffer from panic disorder you would experience all the symptoms, only on a more acute scale. The difference between GAD and panic disorder is that the former lasts for a long time while the latter is more intense and

Anxiety Disorder - A Mental Illness That Has Hereditary Causes

Many times those who have experienced anxiety problems or panic related issues often get to know that their siblings and parents have also went through the same kind of problems. However, sadly a lot of people keep their problem secret; therefore they do not find out if their problem is hereditary o

Understanding the Symptoms of Social Anxiety

SAD stands for social anxiety disorder. This disorder is a serious condition that can make a person unable to enjoy his or her life and forces them to feel continuously uncomfortable when they are in a group situation or out in public places. Now it is common for you to feel nervous when you are in

How to Identify an Anxiety Disorder Symptom

Do you think that you may have an anxiety disorder? This article shows you what to look for so that you can know if you exhibit an anxiety disorder symptom.

How To Stop Excessive Worry

Archaeologists and other scientists suggest to us that civilization really began once we humans developed imagination. The earliest cave paintings that have been found are dated to around 40,000 years old. It was around this time that human beings enjoyed a sort of industrial revolution by developin

Anxiety Therapy - Natural Therapy Methods

There is a variety of different natural anxiety therapy methods. These methods do not involve medications and they are focused on getting to the heart of the condition and what is causing it to occur, so that you can move on and prevent it from interfering with your life.

What Are The Causes of Anxiety and Panic Attacks?

There are many causes of anxiety. The causes fall into genetic, environmental or brain chemistry categories. This really covers a wide spectrum when trying to diagnose anxiety. None of them are inclusive and not all are definitive indicators if you will suffer anxiety. They are a guide line for a do

The Top Five Ways to Fight Off Anxiety Attacks

Anxiety disorders are one of the fastest growing diagnosed disorders. People do not take these attacks in to account, they consider these attacks with the feeling "It's not a big deal I just need to relax". But the fact is, if medications are not taken in time, these attacks can prove