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Teen HIV Symptoms

Symptoms of HIV-disease in teenagers vary among individuals and depending on when the virus was contracted. Those who contracted the virus at or near birth may experience the symptoms of advanced HIV-disease, including AIDS. Teens who contract the virus during their teen years will experience an adu

HIV/AIDS: February 15, 2006

Dr. Bartlett reviews changes in the rate of hospitalizations for persons with HIV; transmitted drug resistance and resistance algorithms; quality of HIV care by NPs, PAs, and docs; & EFV CNS symptoms.

New Pediatric HIV Treatment Guidelines

According to the World Health Organization, there are an estimated 2 million children living with HIV or AIDS in sub-Saharan Africa, while another 100,000 are infected elsewhere in the world. Children can become infected with HIV during pregnancy, delivery or after birth during breastfeeding, with m

HIV, Religion, and Spirituality

The role of religion and spirituality in HIV. Caregivers must incorporate a patient's religion and spirituality into their care plans.

Dishwasher Rinse Aide Substitute

An automatic dishwasher is one of the most common appliances found in the modern kitchen. Most models of dishwashers come equipped with a rinse aid dispenser. The use of rinse aids is recommended by dishwasher manufacturers to prevent the formation of water spots during the drying cycle. Use substit

AIDS Symptoms

AIDS is an acronym for a disease known as acquired immune deficiency syndrome. It is caused by HIV--human immunodeficiency virus--and is a potentially fatal condition which extensively damages a person's immune system, making it unable to thwart bacteria, viruses, and any other organisms that can ca

A Functional HIV Cure in an Infant -- Now What?

Dr Paul Sax reviews the widely reported presentation from CROI 2013 on the functional cure of HIV in a baby and looks at the practical and research implications moving forward.

Ask the Experts - Allergen Immunotherapy in Patients With HIV?

A 42-year-old male HIV-infected patient with a CD4+ cell count of 772 cells/mm3 and plasma viral load less than 50 copies/mL during therapy with zidovudine, lamivudine, and nelfinavir was recently referred for consideration for allergy shots for allergic sinusitis/rhinitis. I could find no ...

Definite Symptoms of HIV

Some people do not experience symptoms in the early stages of HIV infection, but there are a few symptoms to watch for if you think you may be at risk.

How Does Cash Aid Work?

States usually set aside money in their budgets for assisting those in financial trouble. Cash aid programs prevent needy children and parents from living without shelter or food. United States families should apply for cash aid immediately when they need it. Processing times for cash aid applicatio