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Having a Kids' Birthday Party? Here Are Some Themes

A kids' party won't be a kids' party without a theme.Kids, after all, have such a short attention span. It would be a mistake to simply gather the kids around a birthday cake and sing happy birthday. No, you want kids to have fun.

Living With a Pre Teen Drama Queen

I live with Candace, the teenage sister on Phineas and Ferb. Do you live with a raging, hormonal bull, that used to be a sweet,innocent baby? Read this article and discover how to handle your pre teen daughter without becoming an alcoholic.

The Emo Life Style

Many have heard the term "emo", but for those not knowing the term it might be a bit confusing. The reason it might be a bit difficult to understand is that it's both a fashion style, and a music style. It can also be regarded as combining the two styles to become a lifestyle.

Upgradable Indoor Play Equipment for All Ages

Indoor play equipment can come in handy when weather refuses to cooperate. If you have children, then you'll know how difficult it is to entertain a child indoors when they can't go out to play.

How Much Homework is Too Much Homework?

Latest research shows that lots of homework doesn't improve learning or raise test scores. However, homework does help develop good study skills and reinforces what's learned in school. The National Education Association guidelines recommend homework every night. And the American Academy o

Tips For a Great Masquerade Ball Themed Prom

Masquerade proms are becoming very popular in the United States and other countries right now. This is because having a masquerade themed prom is a unique, memorable, special event that is enjoyable for all. Masquerade ball proms are very elegant and lots of fun, and who doesn't enjoy wearing a

Funny For Kids' Animal Games

Develops good social skills - laughter helps to break the ice and creates bonds between people. Develops pre-reading skills - kids love poems and nursery rhymes for their rhyming words or nonsense syllables.

Easy Tips to Help Your Child Earn Extra Cash!

So you have a teenager who is asking about how they can earn some money. Many parents choose for their children not to have a typical labor job after school so that they can focus more on their school work. So looking in to other ways your child can earn money possibly at home or in the neighborhood

Games for Kids

Parents have always turned to games for kids in order to stimulate the development of their kids' brains. The brain of a kid can be likened to a sponge, which is why it is imperative for kids to keep their mind busy through various games. Through educational games for kids, the brain would defi

A Father's Parenting Legacy

For any number of reasons, a child mimics his or her role model. It is essential that parents remain active in a child's life. Parents must continue to instill character and discipline. Character opens the door while discipline keeps them there. Attentive and caring parents make a positive impa

So You Want to Be a Baby Model

If you're adorable eyes and charming smile is melting the hearts of many, then you might want to consider taking up baby modeling as a professional career. These pointers can help you get you off to the right track.

Kids Need Sleep More Than Homework

Homework? Who cares about homework? Kids need sleep. Lots of sleep. They need consistent bedtimes and regular sleep hours.

How to Recognize and Treat Concussions in Youth Sports

With all the talk about concussions in the NFL, I decide to share my thoughts. However, I want to talk about kids and concussions or concussions in youth sports. A concussion is a brain injury that is caused by a sudden blow to the head or to the body.

What is a Tween? And Why You Should Be Concerned About Them

One of the hardest jobs you'll ever have is that of parent. The day will come when your child will walk out your door and leave you at home, wringing your hands, wondering if they will take all that you've taught them into that scary and quite often dangerous world of Tweens.

Steps to Deal With a Child's Tantrum

Learn about the two main areas where a child might display a tantrum. You will learn ways to deal with a child's tantrum at home, and ways to deal with a child tantrum in a public place.