How to Properly Use a Drain Snake

    • 1). Place towels around the work area to collect any dirty water. Remove the drain cover.

    • 2). Feed the auger head of the snake down the drain. Rotate it slightly as you move the auger head down the drain. Continue to do this until you feel the auger hit the blockage.

    • 3). Continue rotating the auger until it starts chipping away at the blockage. Try to get a grip on the blockage with the auger so that you can lift it out of the drain. If you can accomplish this you can pull out the blockage and throw it away.

    • 4). If you can't get a grip on the blockage, try not to push it further down the drain. Instead, keep rotating the auger until the blockage breaks down enough to dislodge.

    • 5). Run hot water for five minutes to clear the drain of any remaining debris.

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