Child Sexuality - Is Children"s Interest in Nudity Normal?

Sexual behaviors are common in children.
As early as three years of age they might ask questions about their genitals, explore their private areas, or even run around naked.
These behaviors may be normal, however, many parents might be concerned or even confused about age-appropriate sexual behaviors.
Knowing which behaviors are age-appropriate could alleviate parental anxiety in that respect.
Children between the ages of 2 and 6 years of age may touch their genitals or try to view nudity of peers or adults.
These behaviors would be considered normal for this age group if the child can be easily distracted from the activity, the activity does not happen often, and the behaviors pass with time.
The following are examples of common normal sexual behaviors in children between 2-6 years of age: - Showing own genitals to peers - Touching own genitals - Touching or viewing genitals of peers or new siblings - Trying to view peer and/or adult nudity Please note that the above behaviors should be transient, few, and the child should be easily distracted from the behavior.
If sexual behaviors are escalating, frequent, or intrusive, they might signify a problem.
Also, sexual behaviors that involve children of different developmental stages, or involve coercion and control by one child, are abnormal.
These behaviors require immediate intervention.
If you are concerned with your child's sexual behavior, you feel that it is not appropriate for his or her age, or the behavior escalates, talk with your child's health care provider as soon as possible.
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