Trust Mechanism Is Needful For Cross-border E-commerce Companies

Alibaba bursting the China Suppliers' fraud, made the development prospects and the business model of e-commerce platform for foreign trade be full of controversy.

Many manufacturing enterprises are lack of operating experience in e-commerce. Even companies which are acquainted with e-commerce, facing the foreign buyers far across oceans, do not know how to do business with them. But the biggest problem is the lack of trust mechanism .So for Chinese foreign trade e-commerce companies,how to reshape the good image of made-in-China and sense of trust is the questions to be solved.

In regards to these issues,the CEO of China electronics wholesale company and dropshop supplier ePathChina,Yide Huang expresses his views on these issues.He states that e-commerce companise shoud firstly play platform filtering features to create a good environment for online transactions, secondly maximumly shield off the fraudulent buyers and sellers, and thirdly guarantee that the illegal funds and illicit funds flow are shielded outside the payment system.

There is no shortage of the market information for buyers , especially information on manufacturers. Ranges of information is easilyt available but rather one of the issues they worry about - how to find the high quality supplier they want among tens of millions of suppliers? This requires a platform with sound trust mechanism,according to ePathChina's Yide Huang.

Both in home and abroad ecommerce markets,there are problmes on the integrity. In fact, China electronics bulk wholesale online store ePathChina Yide Huang points out that integrity is particularly important in e-commerce, because buyers and sellers could not see each other face in face, it is completely online transactions. This is not only a technical problem, but also a problem on corporate culture. For ePathChina itself, Yide Huang said,we adopt the " Free of Registration Fees" and third-party guarantee deal risks mode. This mode, can effectively control the fundamental fraud, so as to maintain good integrity.

As a Pypal accepting company, cheap china electronics dropship supplier ePathChina itself,has a good risks mechanism.Mr.Yide Huang states that we carry out both systematic way and manual review to furthest prevent fraudulent transactions into our system. For example,all our products are under 1 year warranty,when it appears questions, you can ask us for help,even you can apply the Paypal for money back.

Abiding by the principle of "Super Quality, Satisfactory Services", the stuff of is striving hard to be the public's good and reliable business partner to provide customers with many high quality digital gadgets at competitive price.
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