Tips for Flirting - How My Friend Went From Zero to Hero With Women

I want to share with you these tips for flirting my friend gave me a while ago.
They have helped a lot and will do the same for you too, here they are: Flirting is in my opinion the best tool you can use to make women feel attracted to you.
This is what my friend found out when he was having great troubles seducing and attracting women.
I still remember, he was absolutely pathetic, whenever he got the courage to go talk to a girl, he would mess everything and feel like a loser.
This situation stopped when he start applying these tips, here they are: · The first tips he used to become a great flirt with women is he learned to listen to women.
When I was just learning this stuff and he told me about it, I didn't believe him at first.
"You become a great talker with women by NOT talking!!" And it's the truth.
I learned later that women are big talkers, they can't get enough of talking and they love one thing more than talking, it's being listened to.
For a woman, talking releases a hormone that's responsible for creating relationships with the other person, however, listening to a woman will release a hormone in her that is responsible for: LOVE.
Yes, that's what I've been reading in a book by Helen Fisher, by the way, I advise you to go buy her book: "Why We Love: The Nature and Chemistry of Romantic Love", it's fantastic.
So, next time you are with a girl, try to listen as much as possible for her and you will become unforgettable to her.
· The second tips he used to become a great flirt with women is he learned use his eyes.
This friend I'm talking about was the one person responsible for teaching me about one of the greatest tools for flirting with women, they eyes.
Believe it or not, you can make a woman fall in love with you and go crazy for you just with your eyes, you don't have to say nothing.
The trick is in the eye contact.
What so women look for in men? Dominance, that's the thing that drives women naturally to powerful guys.
When you use your eye contact with a woman wisely and you make her feel secured and dominated by you, she will respond to you very positively.
There is a great mistake you might fall in, it's doing too much of it.
Whenever you are making eye contact with a girl, don't overdo it, in other words, when she breaks it, look away so as when she looks back she won't feel unsecured and frightened by your looks, read this about attract women with body language to find out more tips on using body language to attract women.
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