How to Keep God First in Your Childrearing

    • 1). Pray for God to give you wisdom in raising the children. Ask Him to give you specific Scriptures that will help you teach the children about obeying God's commands and listening to what you and your spouse have to say to them. Also seek out guidance on the best methods of disciplining the children when they misbehave.

    • 2). Read Ephesians 6 to your children. This verse says that children must obey their parents in the Lord for this is right. Tell them that because God has given you an important responsibility as parents to watch over them and guide them in the right direction, God expects them to show respect for your role as parents. When they disobey you, it's the same as disobeying God.

    • 3). Pray with your children. Show them the things and people they need to pray for such as wisdom, our nation's leaders, pastors, widows and orphans, the homeless in our society, and for their best friends. Also remind them that they can approach God in prayer at anytime because they've received Christ's righteousness when they became Christians, and that the Holy Spirit will guide their prayers.

    • 4). Hold a weekly Bible study with them. If your teenage daughter asks what God's will is regarding money, show her Matthew 6, where Christ commanded His followers not to be obsessed with material wealth but instead seek God's kingdom and His righteousness first. Also refer to Proverbs 22:9, where it says that people who are blessed give generously to the poor.

    • 5). Model the life you want them to live. If you believe that married couples should work through their problems and not divorce over tough issues, let your children see you and your spouse solve problems through compromise and compassion for each other.

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