5 Tips on Getting a Second Date

Getting that second date with the woman of your dreams does not have to be as hard as you think.
If you can follow a couple of truly tested rules of thumb you won't have to worry about the second date or the third.
You will be well on your way to the hundredth date before you know it.
Try and relax a little bit.
No woman likes a man that is acts like a stiff.
Just be yourself and have a good time.
If everyone is having fun, it will be a lot easier to get that second date.
Try and stay a little bit mysterious.
If she doesn't learn everything about you in one meeting, it will keep her coming back to try and figure you out.
Now, I'm not saying that you have to keep the important things from her.
She doesn't need to know every little detail of your life right away.
Just like in poker you, will never win by showing your hand to early.
That brings me to my third point, be a good listener.
Every woman wants to feel important and wants to know that her opinion matters (which it should).
So, try and ask lots of questions about her.
Now, don't go over board.
It is not the game of Twenty Questions.
You could talk about her job, pets, siblings etc.
I'm sure that you get the point.
But, make sure that you provide some conversation in there as well.
About the worst thing that could happen is that you let the long awkwardness of silence take over the date.
To try and make sure this doesn't happen, you should take the time before the date and rehearse some different scenarios that could happen on the date.
It is also a smart idea to think of some different topics that you could talk about.
However, make sure that you let the conversations flow.
You don't want to make it sound like you are talking from a script.
By doing this, you could possibly save the date and be on you way to the second date with her.
Make sure that you have fun and lots of it.
The dating game has gotten a bad rap for being boring and repetitious.
Like anything else, a date is what you make of it.
There are a lot of fun things you can do on a date.
Be creative and make it exciting.
Excitement keeps them coming back.
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