Do Pay Per Click Adverts Really Make You Money? - Learn How You Can Make Money With PPC Marketing

Do you ever pay attention to those pay per click adverts on the side of the page when you do a search on Google? I know I use to just skim over them but sometimes I have found exactly what I was looking for in those pay per click adverts.
Now don't get the wrong idea, I'm not paying when I click on those, but the people who put them there are.
What is more amazing is because I only look at them when I'm interested, most of the time I find what I want when I click them.
And that is how those pay per click adverts work.
They are a way to target the kind of person you really want to visit your site.
To get on the page like that, Google isn't going to let you do it for free.
Pay per click adverts will cost you a little money, but wouldn't you pay a few cents to get grab the attention of the exact person you want who will most likely buy something? Pay per click adverts are a great way to get relevant traffic to your site so you can make a sale.
So how does all this stuff work you ask? Well it gets pretty complicated sometimes and I'll try to break it down.
When you are trying to sell something like dog collars or shampoo, you need to let people know that you are selling them.
On the Internet, advertisement still costs you money just like in the real world.
The thing is the Internet doesn't have wide open spaces where everyone is going to see your sign.
So you have to go where the people are looking.
That place is usually Google.
They have about 74% of the market share of search traffic.
That means 74 out of 100 people will go to Google's site to search for something.
Pay per click adverts are those links at the very top and the right side.
When you search for something Google will go look at what you are searching and find all the pages on the Internet it can.
What it also does is look for pay per click adverts to display as well since most of these are related to what you searched for, if not exactly what you searched for.
Because they are most likely what you want, they get displayed at the top and the right side.
If your dog collars and shampoo are exactly what someone is shopping for, your pay per click adverts will be displayed and someone will click on them to buy your stuff.
You pay Google a few cents per person who comes to your site and then that person pays you for what you are selling
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