Description of a Samoyed


    Appearance and Size

    • Ranging from 21 to 23 ½ inches from pad to withers, males are taller than their female counterparts while both genders have a undercoat that is soft and thick with a longer outercoat covering a muscular body. The preferred coat color is pure white, though they do come in cream to biscuit colors.


    • Samoyeds have dark almond shaped eyes filled with intelligence. These devoted canines adapt quickly to family life. They are playful and can be perfect playmates for children.

    Life Span

    • Blessed with a life span of 12 to 15 years, Samoyeds are very sociable animals, but need supervision when around non-canine animals.

    Health Issues

    • Like many large breeds, Samoyeds are prone to hip dysplasia. Diabetes development and skin allergies are valid concerns. Hot climates can cause health problems for these thick coated dogs.


    • Samoyeds do not need a large home and yard to reside in as long as they have sufficient exercise.

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