Collars For Dachshund Training

Dachshund training is always a challenge to some people.
They are intelligent, no question about that.
What challenges Dachshund owners is this breed's stubborn personality.
They are determined to do what they want, chasing small animals or birds particularly.
But being stubborn doesn't stop them from becoming nicely trained dogs everybody loves to be around.
With appropriate Dachshund training, your little sausage will definitely turn out well behaved and loved by many.
There are different methods one can use in Dachshund training, so many tips to consider to bring out the best in your pet.
There are so many dog training tools as well.
One of the most important tools is the collar - must be included in the list of first few items an owner must acquire prior to the dog's arrival.
It is a piece of material place around the neck of a dog and might be used for:
  • training
  • controlling a dog
  • walking
  • identification
  • or even fashion
The different types of collars include: Flat collar.
Flat collar is also called buckle collar because this type of collar is fastened by a buckle just like a belt buckle or a quick-release buckle.
Flat or buckle collars are usually made of nylon, cotton or leather and sometimes of polyester, hemp or metal.
This could either be flat or rolled, in which identification or leash can be attached.
Slip collar.
Slip collars are also known for other names such as choke chains, chain slip, choke collars or chokers.
This type of collar are usually made of braided nylon, cotton or leather with rings at either end.
The collar loops through one of the rings.
The floating ring is called the dead ring and the collar will not tighten if the leash is attached to it.
On the other hand, the other ring called the living ring allows the collar to adjust when pressure is applied.
Prong collar.
Also called pinch collar, prong collar is a series of chain links with blunt prongs turned towards the dog's neck.
When the collar is tightened, it pinches the skin around the dog's neck.
However, despite of its cruel look, pinch collar is safe because it has limited circumference and the pressure from the collar to the dog's neck is spread out.
Flea collar.
As the name implies, flea collars are used to keep fleas off Fido.
These collars are infused with chemicals and is often worn together with buckle collar.
Electronic collar.
Shock collar, remote collar and hunting collar are other names of electronic collar.
This type of collar delivers an electrical signal to correct the dog's behavior.
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