Transferring Your Website to a Dedicated Server Part 1

You have to begin, of course by choosing the dedicated web server that will give you the reliability and stability you need for your website and online business.
Being concerned about having enough space should not be too much of an issue for you, since the move you are about to make will ensure you have as much space as you need.
It is really not that difficult to switch web hosts without losing files although prepare yourself for the fact that it will take some time.
How you go about making the transfer depends on how you normally work on your website.
For example, do you use Frontpage, Dreamweaver or an FTP program? oFrontpage has an import feature that allows you to make a complete copy of your website oDreamweaver has a GET command that you would use to copy all of the files on your site oIf you use an FTP utility, you will need to download all the files on your site to your own computer.
Even if you have files on your computer now, don't assume they are the most current version.
The next step you will need to take is transferring your domain name.
You will need to contact the domain name registrar where your registered your domain name in the first place.
(For example, Network Solutions or GoDaddy.
) You will "point" your domain at your new server by replacing the Domain Name Server (DNS) or Name Server information with the DNS information for your new host.
Your new host will give you that information.
Temporary Down Time Do not be alarmed when you see that your website has disappeared from the internet.
There is a 24-72 hours time lag that occurs for the change to process while your DNS record is being changed.
The delay is also partially due to the time it takes to propagate your records through the WHOIS servers.
In the meantime, take care to tend to the email forwarding service on your old site until the transfer is complete.
Even if your website is down, you can maintain the continuity of your business by staying in contact with your customers.
You can even send an email to your contact list to inform them about the changes you are making.
It would also may be appropriate to post a message on your home page in advance of the change with contact information where you can be reached during the time your website is not available.
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