Is He Just Playing With My Emotions? 7 Proper Ways to Tell If You Are in The Company of a Player

You've been friends for long and adult enough to think of settling down, but there doesn't seem to be very much coming across in that direction from his side.
You begin to have doubts that he's just playing you and beyond that there's no future.
He just shows you off to others Beyond introducing you to his friends as his girlfriend does he not say anything more? He never seems to mention something more than just being a friend.
There never seems to be group gatherings like his friends where he asks you to accompany him.
He's never mentioned you to the family In spite of having known him a number of years you find that he's never talked of his family or taken you to meet them.
And if you have even asked to meet them he makes excuses about them either not being in town or living elsewhere.
He's never cared to ask about your family He has neither cared to ask to meet your family.
And every time you mentioned that he meets your family he's had reasons to back out.
Is he just playing you, so there's no point in meeting them? Does every meeting with him ends in sex? There never seems to be anything more than a sexual culmination at each meeting.
He may certainly be a good lover and satisfies you to the hilt but where is it getting you? Try denying the sex for once and see his reaction.
If there is hint of unhappiness at your denial does he play truant? He doesn't show interest in you Consider how often he has sat down with you and chatted about your interests and your professional plans or discussed what's happening in your life as in professional progress or other related things.
And does he talk of himself and where he sees himself professionally in another two years? He sidetracks issues with regard to the future No matter in what ways you might try to broach the subject on your future together he always finds a way to sidetrack you and make light of the discussion.
He always seems to put you off with the statement "there's enough time for all that; let's make love just now" or "let's see a movie" and diverts the issue.
Lastly he gets annoyed about serious matters The last thing you expect from him is to find he gets annoyed about serious matters.
This sure is a sign that he's just putting you off.
All he's doing is playing you on and has nothing more in mind than that.
Any person who sees a future with you will not get annoyed about talking out matters.
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