Why the Natural Environment Attracts Tourists to Florida

Florida is best known for its bright lights, theme parks, beautiful beaches and world class theme parks.
Many people going to Florida on holiday go no further than Orlando, where they spend there time in the theme parks reliving their childhood in a wonderful fantasy world.
Other tourists come to Florida to experience the fantastic sports facilities.
For those people who enjoy water sports, it provides the idea setting and climate.
Whether it be a small sailing boat, wind surfer, yacht or motor cruiser, Florida's coast line provides the perfect setting for most water sports.
The all round sun brings in hundreds of thousands of golfers each year.
There are numerous cheap golf courses available to the masses all the way through to the world championship golf courses.
No matter what your golfing ability or budget, there are courses available to suite all needs.
Florida is made up of a wide plateau that is one of the most stable in the world.
As a result little has changed since it was formed many million of years ago.
Florida is one of the flattest states in America and its highest hill, near Lakewood is only 345feet high.
The Everglades are only ten feet above sea level.
Florida separates the Atlantic Ocean from the Gulf of Mexico, and to the south is a series of islands that have formed over millions of years.
These series of Islands are known as the Florida Keys and have been made up from a sediment of limestone forming over the older rock.
Many tourists flock to the Florida Keys to experience the crystal clear water and laid back island culture.
Most tourists take an air boat ride on the Everglades in search of alligators.
The Everglades are a stark reminder of how Florida used to be and it is easy to imagine yourself drifting back in time as you glide over them on your air boat.
The plentiful rain fall keeps much needed water draining south.
First into Lake Okeechobee, then down into the Everglades helping form vast mango swamps near the sea and slow moving saw grass further inland.
The magnificent rivers and thousands of beautiful lakes make the ideal setting for the lovers of fishing and water sports.
There are also never ending white sandy beaches ideal for swimming and scuba diving.
Bird lovers will not be disappointed either as salt marshes have formed providing the ideal habitat for many species of bird and wildlife.
Florida is known as the sunshine state because of its good weather all year round.
Some tourists find the summer months too hot and humid and find the sudden downpours of rain a blessing as they reduce the humidity.
The last few years have seen the occurrence of hurricanes during the months of July and August, sometimes sneaking into September.
Recent hurricanes have caused great destruction and suffering but the state of Florida has learned to cope and adapt to them.
It is the mix of the new with the old that has led to Florida becoming one of the top tourist destinations in the world.
During recent years there has been a vast growth in the number of holiday homes and villas available for rental direct from their owners.
This has led to tourists have far greater choice of where to stay and at far cheaper prices than that of staying in hotels.
Holiday makers like the freedom and independence that these holiday homes provide and come back year after year to enjoy the benefits of taking a vacation in Florida.
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