The Westie

The Westie dog is quite simply a wonderful pet with a unique set of quirks.
The Westie looks like a polar bear with its thick white fur and tiny little black eyes.
It looks like it belongs more at the North Pole than North America.
If you are fortunate to own a Westie, then you are aware of how it demands to be the boss in the family.
Some of the games the Westie enjoys to play include hide-and-seek.
If you let your Westie loose in the backyard, it will hide in the bushes and wait for you to approach.
If you pretend like you don't see the Westie and approach it slowly, it drives the dog wild and it runs off to another hiding spot.
This game is fun and can last a long time.
You'll notice that the Westie dog never gets tired! Another game the Westie likes to play is the tug-of-war.
You may have found that if you hold a bone or a toy up to the dog, it will latch on and not let go.
You have just found yourself in a tug-of-war! This is a fun game but don't play it too long because it will teach the dog to grab onto things.
Since the Westie has a white fur coat, it can get dirty easily.
A groomer can shampoo and comb your dog for a reasonable price and bring that shiny white back out! The Westie is a cute little dog and has brought much happiness to our family.
If you have the chance to research this breed, do so and consider owning one
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