What Are You Really Selling In Your Network Marketing Business

In network marketing, many times your new leads are at a loss for promoting the program because they do not really understand what they are selling.
It is your job to help them understand this so that they will be successful, which in turn makes you successful.
In the previous post, we discussed that one of the most effective uses of traffic to your network marketing blog was in conjunction with an autoresponder.
An autoresponder is a great way to convert your mlm prospects into actual downline members.
However, your autoresponder system is utterly USELESS if you do not understand what it is that you are REALLY selling.
Now, do not misunderstand, it is imperative to choose a company with a solid reputation and a solid product.
It would just be foolish and unproductive to do otherwise.
However, when you are building your downline, it is not REALLY the product you are promoting.
What you are really selling is what your network marketing program can do for those who are considering joining.
And since it is pretty much the consensus that an overwhelming 95% or greater of people considering your opportunity are looking for wealth and freedom, that is what you should be selling them on in your follow-up autoresponder messages.
Your mlm prospects care about your product, too, but that is secondary.
What they REALLY want to know is how your company is going to afford them the life of their dreams.
And your job is to give them EXACTLY what they are looking for in your autoresponder follow-up messages.
And ultimately, you should remind them that they will lose their position if someone who joined after them upgrades before they do - how is that for a motivator? The possibility of losing out on those potential earnings is a HUGE motivator for most people.
Of course, after become members of your downline, your job is not finished yet.
You have to ensure that they understand how to promote the company and prosper also.
And your network marketing blog can be helpful in this area also.
Our next post will address how you can effectively use your blog to help train and motivate your downline.
Look for it over the next few days.
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