How Can Companies Motivate Their Sales Force?


    Hire Well

    • reminds us that trying to motivate people who do not show a natural desire to succeed can be difficult. Your company's sales force motivation program should start in the interview process before a sales representative is even hired. Develop a human resources approach that identifies the people that are eager and self-starting, willing to be trained, motivated by success and can be a team player in any situation. When you take the time to hire the right sales professionals, you will find that motivating the entire sales force can be less of a challenge.

    Skill Set

    • Professional sales people want to know that their skill set is always the best it needs to be to get the job done. In many cases you will find sales people who go out and find their own training classes to help keep their skills sharp. But a sales person will find a new level of motivation if the company starts to share in the development of the sales force through ongoing training. According to Outlook Magazine, a sales force is driven by a constant need to fulfill their potential. By helping the sales people to meet that potential through a regular updating of their skill set, you are putting a strong motivator in motion.


    • Your sales force drives the revenue that keeps your company in business. Schedule regular sales meetings with company executives to let the sales force know how the company is doing financially, what the future expansion plans are and how the sales force fits into the company's plans. By including the sales people in on the company's progress and being sure to tie that progress to the sales performance, you are creating a challenge for the sales force that can help to motivate them to drive more revenue and look for larger opportunities.

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