How to Get a Woman to Really Like Me As Much As I Like Her

You have had your eye on a cute girl for some time now but somehow whenever you come into contact with her you end up tongue tied and feeling like a complete idiot.
If this is you then you need answers to the question going on in your head "how to get a woman to really like me".
Now the reason you' re having no luck is probably that you are trying way too hard.
Learning to attract and eventually seduce a girl is a skill and one that takes a lot of practice to get perfect, same as with any skill.
Here are a few pointers that should help with your question "how to get a woman to really like me" Learn how to talk to her Women find nothing more boring than listening to a guy talking about his job or his hobbies.
Keep the conversation more general and try and find out what she is interested in and create a rapport that way.
Encourage her to talk and be a good listener, that way you will start to learn what makes her tick.
Flashy cars and designer watches don' t cut it Okay there are some women out there who are only interested in one thing MONEY but for the majority of girls they don' t really give a damn what car you are driving or what make of watch you wear.
Be Yourself Don' t try and copy the ways of another guy who seems to be successful with women.
Work on your own appearance and personality.
Adopt your own style and be comfortable with it and the girl you want will love you for yourself.
Remember stay calm and don' t rush around after her appearing to be needy.
There really is nothing more off putting to a girl than a guy who gives out all the signals of being desperate.
Stay focused on the task in hand and once you get your girl you are ready to take things a whole lot further.
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