The Baskimo - The Family Dog

When we first hear the word "hybrid", we usually think hybrid cars, cars designed for fuel-efficiency by mixing two or more power sources.
Similarly, Dog breeders are cross-breeding to get a combination of any of the characteristics found in either of the breeds.
These include the temperament of dog, coloring of their coats, and of course size.
The Baskimo is a hybrid dog, a dog that is not a purebred.
It is a cross between the American Eskimo and the Basset Hound, and as you guessed, the name of the dog is a mix of both.
However, with all hybrids, some Baskimo are not first generation hybrids.
This means that there can be inconsistencies between one Baskimo and another, so it is not always easy to predict what it may look like.
Although this may be true, there are many characteristics very common among Baskimo dogs.
Physical Characteristics of a Baskimo The Baskimo has a medium sized body, but they should not get to point where they are overly fatty.
Basset Hounds are very prone to obesity so it must be watched for in a Baskimo.
The head is round and the muzzle is fairly long with a black nose at the end meeting with almond-shaped eyes which range from amber to black in color, and usually have ears flop at the side of their face.
Many Baskimo's can exhibit a sensitive, friendly, and intelligent demeanor.
The coat is usually a tri-colored combination of black, white and tan or tawny fur.
How is a Baskimo with family? A Baskimo very well reflects its appearance with its sweet, intelligent, friendly, and of course family-oriented personality.
Although it may seem like an odd cross-breed at first, the Baskimo has many positive traits from both its parents, the Basset Hound and the American Eskimo.
Basset Hounds are very docile and loyal with an excellent scent while the American Eskimo, known as a rather intelligent breed, possess a strong desire to protect their family.
Together, Baskimos become dogs that love to go on walks and run around outside, great for any family with children.
It's friendly and playful nature may make training puppies rather difficult but it can easily be seen why a Baskimo would make an excellent companion.
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