Do Women Really Like Guys That Are Jerks?

One of the hardest things for most nice guys to see is the woman they want dating a jerk. It gets even worse if you hear this woman say she wants a nice guy. You would take her in a heart beat, but she still would rather date that jerk.

Let's investigate this a little shall we?

What is really more important? What she tells you she wants with her words? Or... What she tells you she wants with her actions?

Actions always speak louder then words.

There are things about that jerk that makes her attracted to him. It is her choice to date him and have a relationship with him. She responds to him with the actions that you wish she would respond to you with.

Does this still mean she wants jerks? No it doesn't. She is with the jerk because he provides her with the closest experience that she craves for. Is it always healthy for her? No it isn't. But she can't help the fact that she is attracted to guys who display a very strong masculinity.

Being nice alone doesn't make a woman attracted to you. It sets more of a friends or brotherly love type tone to your relationship. Loving a friend or brother isn't the same kind of love that she would feel for a lover.

Being A Jerk Isn't Always Being A Jerk

Many of the things that are often thought of as a bad way of treating women are not really bad at all.

Let's use teasing as an example.

How often have you heard a man say something to a woman that you would never say to a woman? I used to see this all the time. I would think "I would never say that to a woman." Yet, the woman would always respond well to this. She would smile, laugh, and tease back. It's her response that mattered. She was having fun.

This same thing applies to many of the stuff that jerks do. They challenge women, they give them drama, they take risks, they are spontaneous, they don't put up with her crap, they can't be controlled, and they are exciting. The vast majority of that stuff doesn't make them a jerk through the eyes of a woman.

If you could learn to apply just a little of that in your own behavior you would see a huge improvement in how women respond to you. No woman would think that you are a jerk either.
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