Attraction Marketing in a Nutshell

Attraction Marketing - The marketing approach that establishes you as an expert, leader, authority of the brand that is You.
you get the point.
Positioning yourself, through various online platforms, as one to be sought after and known.
All major marketing companies use this approach to attract buying customers, raving fans and yes, even devoted disciples.
Attraction marketing is the lone most imperative characteristic of marketing that must be in every MLM/network marketer's repertoire.
Longevity in MLM/Network marketing industry hinges on ones ability to learn and master the 7 principles of attraction marketing this is a well known fact.
Settling for instant gratification many marketers forgo learning these principles and sub-sequentially fail in MLM/Network marketing altogether.
The failure rate in this industry is amazing people fail hard and quickly, because they market company replicated corporate websites and pray for a advantageous outcome when the prospect makes it to the site.
This business is all about building relationships.
Just because you may not personally meet all of your leads and reps but they will "virtually" meet you; through all the information you put out there about yourself via emails, Facebook, Twitter, web sites, blogs, eBooks, press releases etc...
and they will both like and admire you or they will push you out-of-the-way and go looking for an alternative leader that meets their needs.
Keep in mind all this information must be relevant to what people are looking for in your case MLM/network marketing success,or a home based business, or income/work from home opportunity/business.
Whatever you write about make sure that you solve some type of problem or give good advise in such a way as to make it seem like you are Wilson from Home Improvement.
Here are the 7 tools of attraction marketing: 1.
You and the Value You Transport to the Market - This is where personal education comes into play; understand the skills that are informative to your niche (marketing, lead generation, copywriting, personal branding, leadership...
etc) master them and share them.
you get paid for helping people reach their goals, the more the better.
Lead Capture Page - A straightforward page or site that has a compelling proposition, something of significance, in exchange for the prospect's contact information (if you get the prospect's phone number you've increased your chances of having a qualified lead).
You can use free training, video or video series, eBooks, reports anything that will be useful to the prospect so that they will give you their information in exchange.
Autoresponder - This is an email service that follows up with your prospect in order to develop more rapport and offer more value to them on a continual basis.
Every message needs to be little bits of you; what you represent and what you offer as a leader so that your prospect can get to know you better and you can automatically start to build your relationship.
Bio Page - This is where your prospects come to meet "you".
This is important because the more people know about you in your niche the more they lower their guard and the more they will respect you and what you do.
They will be more willing to give you their money.
Put your story everywhere it is suitable: Facebook, MySpace, blog, YouTube you get the point.
A Funded Proposal - No one ever wanted to buy a drill, they needed to make a hole.
So then offer your prospect some information on how to make the best hole in the universe (by the way did you know that Joe Smith sells drills that make holes just like that).
Of course the information comes with a price but it's relatively economical under $60 so that the prospect will not have remorse about spending too much.
This is also a limited risk free offer, which tends to alleviate stress as well.
These offers are high converting and help you the marketer get money even if the prospect only wants that piece of information and nothing else.
At least you made that sale and what's more if you satisfy the costumer they will be repeat customers.
Affiliate Marketing - Targeted offers to your list that involve products that you recommend, services, seminars, courses, coaching etc.
This is your long term success strategy for once you have a satisfied buyer they will buy again.
Primary Business Opportunity - For MLM/Network marketers this is the main company that you promote.
If you have done all the other principles accurately you will have no problem promoting this business because your sales funnel is ushering them down to this very point, to work with you directly.
This is your big payday, when done correctly it is not uncommon that a skilled attraction marketer will make 5-10 (that's generous) new rep into their primary business per day.
That's it folks, that's attraction marketing.
Study it! Breathe it, for the sooner you do, the sooner you will see you income redouble on autopilot.
If that is your desire then I suggest you get busy building You, Inc.
because that's where your cornerstone is: your business begins and ends with you.
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