Why is Targeting Your Email Important?

There is no doubt that direct mail through email marketing rather than a piece of mail that drops on your map from the hands of the postman is one of the most effective marketing tool available to small or online business.
What are the advantages? oIt allows you to target you message to a specific audience.
It matters now where they live in the world you can pinpoint who you want.
Are they farmers, fishermen, doctors or college students? Do they drive a car and what type of car? Do they live in a two-story house or a bungalow? Where they shop and what they buy, how much money do they spend on makeup.
The possibilities are endless.
oYou can personalize your email to the person you are trying to attract.
You can use either their first name if you want to be more casual or their title if you want to be formal.
It makes the reader feel that you have thought about them or writing to them personally.
There is software that does this for you.
oYou get to know your target market and you write directly to them.
If you are writing to anglers then you use language that is familiarly to them.
Likewise, if you were talking to women you would use words that relate to them and the topic.
The younger consumers will have words to suit their age and subject.
oBy targeting your email, you can test the effectiveness.
It would be easy to compare two pieces of email sent out.
One could be targeted and the other not.
That way you can gauge the response.
You can easily track your mail by coding it before you send it out.
oUnderstanding your potential customer and sending out your communication to them personally, it is more than likely they will respond to you and your email marketing campaign will be successfully.
oIt is important that your email do not look like junk mail or it will not be opened and sent to the trash can instead.
You have a very short time to impress while your email is scanned before they move on.
Remember it is a busy life out there.
It is wearisome to put lots of time into writing a direct mail letter that no-one reads.
You may feel that not only have you wasted your time, but you have also wasted your money.
So, make sure your email is opened by making it applicable to the person you want to sent it to.
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