How to Make TV Infomercials

    • 1). Select an engaging spokesperson to speak about the product in your commercial. A celebrity endorser, such as the former boxing champion for the George Forman Lean Mean Grilling Machine, is an effective method; however, a non-celebrity who is gregarious can also make for an effective pitchman.

    • 2). Maintain a conversational tone between actors in the commercial if using multiple presenters. This helps to make the viewer at ease and more trusting.

    • 3). Demonstrate the proper use of your product to show how effective it is.

    • 4). Compare the results of your product with a competitor's to highlight where your product is superior.

    • 5). Offer bundles, such as buy one, get one free, to improve the appeal of the sales pitch.

    • 6). Display a telephone number for viewers to call to purchase your product throughout the infomercial.

    • 7). Create a sense of urgency by stating that the price in the infomercial is a limited time offer.

    • 8). Offer an installment plan for large items to make the price appear less intimidating.

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