Promote Your Website With A Competition

You've slaved over your website for weeks.
The content is there, your domain name is active, all your pages are optimised and you think its the best thing since sliced bread - now you need visitors and traffic.
During the early stages of launching a website you will go through a range of emotions.
First you will feel excited, you've been building the site for weeks or even months and you want to earn a million from it.
You go live and the excitement turns to disheartenment when you check your counter after a week (if you can wait that long) and you find a measly 8 visitors have seen your site.
The most important thing to remember is that it takes time to build traffic and takes a substantial amount of time to gain good placements for high searched upon keywords in the search engines.
There is a good way of building traffic and visitors to see some immediate response - and that way is a competition.
A competition listed on your site can attract immediate attention and help you build up an email subscriber list (double opt in of course).
Thousands of people are looking to enter competitions all across the internet every day.
By holding a competition you help build visitors, you help brand name and you can also provide an option for entrants of the competition to subscribe to your newsletter.
The number of entrants you can attract will depend on the prize on offer.
The more expensive the prize usually the more visitors you will attract (but it is possible to easily attract 500 visitors in a couple of weeks giving away as small a prize as a DVD).
Here are 5 top tips when promoting a competition: 1.
Base the question to the competition on your website, or one of your pages.
You can also encourage visitors to look at a few of the pages in order to answer the competition question (e.
g how many items do you we list under a particular category etc...
) 2.
Give the competition entrant the option to subscribe to your newsletter.
If they like your site and are interested in your products you can help build an email database 3.
List your competition for free in sites such as http://www.
or http://www.
- this helps put your competition out to the very people looking for them.
Provide a closing date to the competition.
As many competition portal sites run automatically based on the date of your competition you may find some portals will not list a competition without the closing date.
Include a brochure, gift voucher or promotional item when sending out the prize/s.
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