How To Get Work From Appraisal Management Companies

As an appraiser, one of the biggest obstacles in the market today is actually getting jobs from appraisal management companies. Besides signing up for the companies, many appraisers are wondering what they can do to better their chances of getting actual orders sent to them once the sign up process is complete.

There are hundreds of appraisal management companies available that appraisers can sign up with. Some companies have many openings available for new appraisers while others have thousands of appraisers signed up with them and getting jobs can be very difficult.

About a week, or more, after you have signed up to the appraisal management companies, it is important that you call them. You want to make sure that they have all your information and that nothing is missing. Some management firms will not let you know that your application is incomplete, and therefore, will not be sending you any jobs.

The next step, if you are still not receiving any jobs after another week, is to call them again. Emails are not effective at this point. You want to ask them why you are not receiving any jobs and request that they send you one. Some appraisal management companies use the same appraisers over and over again, and while they allow all appraisers to sign up, they may not send jobs to all of them.

Some of the management companies will tell you that they use a computer system to randomly choose appraisers. While this may be true, there are many appraisers who have started to receive jobs just by asking.

Calling each of the appraisal management companies may seem very time consuming, but your results will be well worth the effort you put into it. You can find the contact information, including phone number, for each management firm on their respective websites.
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