5 Reasons to Visit Croatia

Croatia borders several countries, making it a great starting point for an amazing European adventure.
It is also an unforgettable destination, too, though, with many attractions to offer.
Here are five reasons to visit Croatia.
Historical Sites
As a testament to its rich history, Croatia has five World Heritage Sites of cultural and historical importance.
The most popular one is Palace of Diocletian in the heart of Split.
As implied, this palace was built by Roman Emperor Diocletian in the 4th century, both as a luxurious residence and as a military fortress.
As the former, it has a magnificent cathedral and many apartments with elaborate facades which have been converted into shops and cafes, and as the latter, it has towers that offer spectacular views of the Adriatic, as well as other fortifications.
Its waterfront promenade is also a lovely place for a stroll, whether by day or by the light of the moon.
The other historical World Heritage Sites are the old cities of Dubrovnik and Trogir, along with the Euphrasian Basilica in Porec and the St.
James Cathedral in Sibenik.
The fortress of Medvedgrad and the amphitheater in Pula are also worth visiting.
To learn even more about the history of Croatia, take a tour of its museums, which are worthy attractions of their own.
These include the Archaeological Museum of Split, the oldest in the country with a collection of artifacts from various eras, the Croatian History Museum housed in a beautiful Baroque palace and the Andautonia Archaeological Park.
The 13th century Trakoscan Castle has also been converted into a medieval museum while the old city of Zagreb is like one large museum with its ancient walls, cobbled alleys and various monuments.
For art enthusiasts, make sure you visit the Muzej Mimara.
Aside from World Heritage Sites of historical importance, Croatia also has two that are significant natural attractions, namely the Plitvice Lakes National Park and the Stari Grad Plain on the island of Hvar.
The Plitvice Lakes National Park is the perfect place to enjoy the outdoors, with 16 beautiful turquoise lakes, various caves, majestic mountains, several breathtaking waterfalls and a diversity of birds and wild animals.
Aside from the Stari Grad Plain, Hvar is also known for its sunny climate, its vibrant nightlife and its aromatic lavender fields.
The reason why most people visit Croatia, though, is because of its beaches - some sandy, some pebbly but all offering wonderful opportunities for recreation and relaxation.
The most popular one is Brela Beach, as well as the beaches on its beautiful islands like Rab, Cres, Brac, Korcula and Mljet.
There are also naturist beaches and those that are havens for windsurfers.
Croatia also has an excellent cuisine, with specialties that are sure to make your mouth water and keep you coming back for more.
Seafood platters are especially popular, featuring hearty servings of shrimp, squid and mussels, as well as seafood pasta with truffles and cuttlefish risotto.
There are tasty meat dishes, too, like roast pork and veal steaks, as well as sumptuous stews, salty pies and delectable desserts.
Croatia is known for its wine, too, so head to the local tavern and ask for the house wine.
A taste of Rakija or fruit brandy is recommended.
Don't forget to get a taste of the cafe culture, too, when you visit Croatia.
Indeed, there are many cafes all over Croatia where you will find great pastries and of course, great coffee, whether espresso or latte, that you can sip while mingling with the locals, or simply watching people go by after a busy day.
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