How to Get Her To Beg You For Dates - 2 Dating Secrets That Will Blow Your Mind

Being desperate when it comes to the girl of your choice isn't something one should be ashamed of, as it can happen to anyone, even to the most successful artist's of seduction.
Honestly, most guys can behave irrationally when it comes to the women they are crazy about, especially when a woman acts cold and doesn't give any signs that she is interested.
It might happen that you feel like a fool because you chase women who do not desire you, and if this is the case it is time to make some changes to your approach.
Spending all your time, money and effort just so you could make a female fall in love with just isn't the right answer.
Major mistake men make is giving her the feeling that she is in debt to you by giving her a lot of presents.
This usually ends up with her accepting all the presents but without returning the attention to you.
Doesn't this give you the feeling that you are losing your self-respect? Maybe it is time to turn the situation in your favor! Keep reading and discover the following 2 killer psychological techniques which will give you a clear input how to make a girl feel desperate for your attention and affection.
Strategy No.
1 - "Psycho Alpha-Male".
Stop losing control when it comes to your emotions and show her that you are the boss.
If you start asking for her opinion whenever you would like to do something, you will make her believe that you are depend on her for every single thing.
Don't give her the opportunity to make decisions, but instead plan everything ahead and then tell her what you've decided.
It can be anything, where you want to meet, what you would like to do on a date, take it in all in your hands and lead.
Strategy No.
2 - "Psycho Social-Prowess".
Keep in mind that she will 'evaluate' you when it comes to the social skills you posses.
If you cannot keep up and if you let her know that your only wish is to spend the whole evening talking to her, be assured that she will be turned off.
Try to have fun with the others from the crowd and act social during the evening out.
Women are usually very proud of a guy who is fun in the company.
She will be very pleased because she found someone who is socially accepted.
Being sociable will definitely increase your value and she will be happy with you.
If you are a guy who will make everyone in the company laugh, she will consider you to be a prize trophy she needs to keep.
If you wish to be ahead of all around when it comes to seduction, mastering these two strategies is a must.
  The next step is to learn some highly advanced techniques of seduction, like hypnosis in order to boost your talents even more.
One such technique, known as fractionation, is known to create stalkers out of women! If you need to use this technique, please do so responsibly.
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