3 Steps to Creating a Winning Online Marketing Business

Making money online isn't as hard as people like to think that it is.
In actuality, there are three simple steps that you can follow to create a reliable, sustainable online marketing business.
People try to complicate things a lot for themselves when it comes to starting their own internet marketing business.
However, success online all boils down to these three simple steps.
Step One - Create a quality free offer to build a list.
When you pick a niche for your online marketing business, you'll undoubtedly find one that has some competition.
In fact, you *should* seek out a market with competition because that way you'll know you're on the right track.
However, because of all the competition out there you're going to need to prove yourself to your market.
You can do just that with a free offer.
Giving away a report, a recording, a book, an e-mail course or anything else that your market will find helpful will help prove your reliability to them.
It will also give you the opportunity to build a list of quality prospects who will be interested in your main product.
Step Two - Present a one-time offer.
The best time to sell to your list is once they've agreed to receive your free product.
It's a scientifically proven fact that people are more likely to say "yes" once they've already said "yes.
" That means after they say "yes" to your free offer, they'll be more likely to purchase from you.
On top of that, presenting them with a one-time discount off of your main product will make the offer even more irresistible.
It's amazing how many marketers don't take advantage of this very powerful technique.
Your conversion rates will go up significantly on your one time offer because your market has already agreed to receive your free product and the discounted price will provide urgency to your offer.
Step Three - Market to your list with back end offers.
Once your visitor has signed up for your free offer and possibly taken part in your one time offer, your profit potential doesn't stop there.
By this point, they've seen that you offer quality information with your free offer.
They may have even purchased and downloaded your one time offer or bought your product at full cost.
You've built trust with them and have made yourself stand out in the marketplace.
Now you have the opportunity to sell more products to them either from your own vault or through affiliate offers.
Since you've taken the time to build a list, you have a targeted group of people who want more products and resources on similar topics.
Back end offers can increase your profits several times over.
Set up your autoresponder so that your list gets new messages every few weeks, and include affiliate offers or product promotions throughout.
You'll have multiple sales from the same visitors and increase your overall profits.
Of course, there are small nuances that need to be met each step of the way to make this system successful, but it's really all that you need in order to create a sustainable online marketing business.
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